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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in January of 2009:


I received a call in the office last week from a gentleman about moving some "COACHING BOATS" for a Crew Team at a local High School/University.


The gentleman told me that he saw the Rotator going down the street by his home and thought that it might be able to lift these out of the River and sent them on our trailer to transport them to the repair shop. I said NO PROBLEM! I went down to the location and looked at the boats and came up with a plan. We executed the plan at 10am this morning.


Notice the newly made spreader bars. A big thank you goes to Eric@ Big Wheel, and Bill at Penndel Towing and Recovery. We made these up in his shop Saturday for a another job.








Rick then secured them to the trailer and Hauled them to Folcroft for repairs.
Certifiedautomall NJ said:
Jamie i think they almost pulled the truck in lol... As always great job when can i come play with the Tator lol and i do still owe you some dinner so let me know when your free
Mike, Certified Auto Mall Howell, NJ
underdog said:
Nice job.....the new spreader bars are paying themselves off already.
Stay Safe, Rich.
Jamie Dougherty said;
Mike you can come play anytime you want. Ill let you know about coming up for some dinner, I still have to go see Heffy.
Certifiedautomall NJ said:
Jamie well definetly get together to get up and see Heffy im sure he would love that not sure if Ed Henk is letting him in the shop much last time i was there Ed didnt want him there much i may be out by you on friday so if i am ill give you a shout if your friends interested in that saab give me a call if your not to busy with the snow 2moro stay safe and im glad to see you out havin fun with the Tator
Mike, Certified Auto Mall Howell, NJ
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
OVER KILL i could have done that with my 612 chevron LOL . nice job thanks Eric 659.gif
Jamie Dougherty said:
I could have dont it with a few pulleys and the tree but thats not what we bought these rotators for is it Eric..........LOL
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