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Michelin XZL tires for tow truck?


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This was the last topic DodgeTowGuy134 started on the old system. I am breaking back because I am curious to hear if he came to a conclusion. 

--------- start ----------

Is there anyone in the forum that is running the MICHELIN XZL 335/80R-20 tires on their trucks?

We are looking to outfit one of our trucks with these "military" type of off-road mud/snow/sand tread tires for use on a custom recovery vehicle.

We are curious if anyone else has any experience with these tires or a similar tire in the "military" radial tread design & size.



startow said:

 ive never used that size but i use michelins on all my trucks and they get about twice as many miles as any others 


goodmichael said:

2nd the motion on Michelin. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER again buy a Goodyear tire. Michelin tires are the best.


DodgeTowGuy134 tubered.gif said:

Clarification: I'm not looking for brand recommendations, but instead about the specific tire type/size......It's an "off-road" military tire! I'm looking for feedback from those who already run this or similar tread tire on any of the tow trucks in their fleet.

The tire is used in the off-road & "serious" go-anywhere RV camping communities. We are looking at putting these on a custom build tow truck that will be used for going on off-road recoveries, as well as the typical "on-road" everyday towing. We're curious of how they handle the daily driving on the roads for longevity and just how well they handle in the mud/snow/sand off-road environments.


silverhawk tubeyellow.gif said:

But they were Goodyear C181.  DOT approved for highway use but recommended for off road construction.

Studded tire with excellent pulling in soft ground.  No spin and no clogging of tread.  Not available as C181 now.  Had a speed rating of 60 mph though. 16 ply as I remember.  Never got stuck with them, as I had flotation tires on the front of the LN9000 Ford truck.

Bad noise problems.  Couldn't hear good times radio at 60 mph.  

Kept from having to hand pull cables.  Back up to stuck mixer, pull forward, then engage winch for winch-outs.


DodgeTowGuy134 tubered.gif said:

Yeah, i'm seeing that most of these radial tires of this tread type and size have a limited highway speed rating of up to 55 or 60 MPH

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