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Some of exports into Europe the middle east and Africa


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 Part of our business is supplying heavy duty Trucks and Trailers for our overseas customers....


One of our retired lightweight Rollbacks, and an Ambulance and rail ties all packed in a curtain side trailer for a Mediterranean country.



Loading a stack of  3 x 4 axle heavy duty lowboy trailers with our Rotator ….  total weight of load without tractor  65 tons = 143,000 lbs.....  




Loading onto the Ro Ro ship bound for Greek Cyprus.....Total load including the tractor  75 tons  = 165,000 lbs   we had to wait for a tide window to get the loading angle of the ramps to accommodated the low trailer, even with the suspension pumped right up it was tricky …




another stack being loaded with our Rotators IMG_3374.thumb.JPG.f1b77e7bcdb99871fb8abceaeac6cff6.JPG


A mixed load for North Africa  being loaded with our Rotator 





Tractors and Dockspotter  all prepared and painted in our Customers livery for the Middle East...IMG_2546.thumb.JPG.1177f569e45fa46400f8d48aec3cafdf.JPGIMG_3081.thumb.JPG.9c2b40eb2b6a7286e498906634c7d892.JPG 


lifting a  3 axle trailer bound for the Ukraine     IMG_2499.thumb.JPG.fb95c71da47c7f55d23fd4e5cdc69d9b.JPG


Another trailer loaded and bound for the Ukraine …...the roof slides back on the trailer and it is lowered down on its side  that trailer is 9 foot wide ….just fits !

we contracted the transportation out to a Hungarian operator 



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