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Tow Light Troubleshooting

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Wireless tow lights make our life on the road a bit easier.  Plug in the transmitter, place the tow light magnetic base on the casualty, flip the power switch and you’re ready to go.  Quick and easy and reliable. So what happens after a season of tows when you unload the tow lights, flip the switch and there is no lights? Here’s some troubleshooting tips for the Towmate wireless tow lights.  They can be broken down into two categories:  power issues and communication issues.

Power issues are the most common.  They consist of the light not coming on at all, is dim or does not hold a charge.

  • If the light does not turn on by itself, plug the charge cord into the tow light.  If the light comes on fully, the battery just needs to be replaced.  Battery life is 1-2 years depending on usage.  If the light does not come on, check the fuse in the charge cord to be sure it’s intact.  If it’s blown, replace and try putting power to the tow lights again.  If the fuse is okay next use a volt meter to check the output of the charge cord.  If there is no output voltage, the charge cord needs to be replaced.  If the charge cord is supplying voltage please see the next step.
  • So if the charge cord is supplying voltage and the tow light will not power on fully the next step is testing the switch.  Jump the switch with another wire, if the unit comes on fully when the switch is bypassed, the switch needs to be replaced.  If the lightbar does not power up with the switch bypassed please see the next step.
  •  The last remaining tests to determine the problem is isolate the charging port or the battery.   Open the lightbar from the right side (opposite of the switch) to remove the battery.   Disconnect one of the battery leads, connect the charge cord and power it up.  If the lightbar comes on bright, the battery needs to be replaced.  If the unit does not power up the charging port is the issue.

Communication issues are when the transmitter is not sending the signal to the receiver in the lightbar.

  • If the tow light is not responding or only one side is responding it may be a grounding issue.  Spread the pins on the truck to make sure they are making good contact.
  • If the turn signals respond opposite to what is activated in the truck, the wiring in the transmitter is opposite of that in the truck.  Open the transmitter by removing the set-screw at the base and pull the end out.  Switch the yellow (left turn) and green (right turn) wire and re-assemble.
  •       If the transmitter and tow light communicate when in close proximity but not when the lightbar is at the end of the load the electronics have likely failed.  Contact Towmate directly for warranty service.
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