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Lens Cleaning

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Keeping our wreckers clean and professional looking is part of maintaining our businesses reputation.  However, the cleaning methods used will vary depending on the components used on our wreckers.  For instance, lightbar lenses have specific cleaning requirements based on the manufacturer.  Below are excerpts from the owner’s manuals of several of our lightbar manufacturers.

 ·         Whelen: Use only soap and water to clean the outer lenses.  Use of other chemicals could result in premature lens cracking (crazing) and discoloration.  Lenses in this condition have significantly reduced effectiveness and should be replaced immediately.  Inspect and operate this product regularly to confirm its proper operation and mounting.  Do not use a pressure washer to clean this product.

·         PSE Amber: Use plain water and a soft cloth, or Code 3® lens polish and a very soft paper towel or facial tissue.  Because plastic scratches easily, cleaning is recommended only when necessary (about every six months).  Do not subject the lenses to car washes that use brushes, as these will scratch the lenses.

 ·         Federal Signal: Crazing (cracking) of the lenses will cause reduced effectiveness of the light.  Do not use cleaning agents (which will cause crazing) such as strong detergents, solvents, or petroleum products.  If crazing of lenses does occur, reliability of the light for emergency signaling purposes may be reduced until the lenses are replaced.  Ordinary cleaning of the plastic lenses can be accomplished by using mild soap and a soft rag.  Should fine scratches or haze appear on a lens, they can ordinarily be removed with non-abrasive, high-quality, one-step automotive paste cleaner/wax and a soft cloth.

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