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Are your phones answered with attitude


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A Positive Attitude, A Negative Attitude, A Professional Attitude

Keeping in mind most companies in this industry have a Positive Attitude.

Are the people who answer your phone(s) rude?

Your a service industry business, why the Negative Attitude?

Do you know rude? Have you asked your account or regular customer?

What did you do in your business to reach the Professional Attitude?

Have you taken a look from outside in and evaluated your operation?


This question is for dispatchers and drivers. Have you ever experienced a mystery caller/customer?


In the end we often deal with people in the worse of moments, should we not do our best not to allow their moment in time to alter our attitudes or our attitude in return to make theirs and our worse?


myerstowing tubesilver.gif said:

One of my biggest complaints is calling a business and on the other end they seem like you are bothering them!

In my company, I personally answer the phones professionally at all times. If my dispatchers do not do the same they get a very stern lecture. When my phone rings, it is someone's choice to call MY business. It is an honor to service them, an I understand they can very well call someone else and get that $2* dollar tow. That is the first way you can set your company apart from the competition.

A few months ago an accident/impound customer was being EXTREMELY difficult. Called multiple times from the hospital (With a broken jaw don't know how she could talk that much) anyway, I made sure I personally took those 20+ phone calls from her as I was called all the names in the book, but even after all that Every TIME she called I answered the phone professionally, instead of escalating the situation. She eventually sent her Club Bouncing, Ex-Marine brother down to "deal" with me. Again, not seeing him as a threat my staff treated him with courtesy and respect.

We really are in a difficult business. We do not provide a satisfying service like, a pizza delivery person. 90% of the time if we have a professional, positive attitude 100% of the time we can really change the outcome of our customer's day. The other 10% we can only pray for.


TallyTowing said:

Amen, if they are in need of calling any wrecker / towing company, their already having a hard time. 99.9% of people who call would rather not need the services we provide! Also remember, the person in the office can see your body language while your on the phone!


rlc4523 said:

we always answer with "Joe's Towing this is...." #1 it tells people right away they called the correct ph#
#2 it gives the person a more direct relationship to our company by using our name when we answer.

It gripes me to no end when you call other companies and you either get a snotty sounding dispatcher that sounds like they hate their job, or a very abrupt rude sounding answer of, "DISPATCH" when the phone is answered.

I really feel Your first impressions on 90% of your customers is made in how you answer the phone. subsequently that sets the tone for how the rest of your dealings will go with that customer.

Phone etiquette is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of customer service as well as business overall.


Greenway Towing said:

When I was working in a claims call center they always said smile when you answer the phone. I answered every call like the person on the other ends world was falling apart and my customer reviews were always very high.
Greenway Towing, Inc.
Todd aka Toad
"Car Croaked Call The Toad"


New Zealand Towing said:

I could not agree more

smile when you answer the phone people can hear it in your voice
we answer with
good morning etc
(company name) your talking to (our first name)
how can we help you?
If we get there name use use there name
read back there order to confirm
(ok thats one slidedeck for 3pm to collect your silver f100 rego AB1234 from x and deliver to y
your contact number is 1234567890 email bob@  is that correct bob)
Thankyou very much Bob you have a nice day and our driver John (etc) will see you at 3pm
I try and make them feel like they are family and im going to move heaven and hell to help them.

and DO NOT slam or drop the phone into cradle when you hang up sound like your not happy they called.(sounds like your taking a hammer to it)

and no matter how rude they (PPI) are smile say thank you very much you have a nice day now (never sink to there level)
or im sorry sir/madam there is no @#$% a$$ hole here but I can put you though to Mr Frank Bottom  if you like. when they ask to talk to the @#$% a$$ hole who towed there car. (always suprised they know my middle names)

If were not sending the driver I named or if we not going to get there at time arranged and also let delivery address know as well if sending it to a repair shop. I call then back and let them know
Hi Bob is (your name) from (company name)  just letting you know  John has been delayed at another job so I am sending Paul to you he will be there at 3pm. or  john will be running 5 -15 minutes late (traffic or tied up at last job) but we have let delivery address know and they will wait for your f100 to arrive.

When the driver turns up he greets them by name hi bob im john from (company name)

simple but it works

I get calls from customers just to let us know how there hotrod projects are going. when there baby was born weight name etc. because we try to treat them like family
even had one from a past accident tow customer on holiday in the Netherlands call because they saw our truck on front page of the dutch newpaper
(Dotcom pink cadi) and they brought it back to give to us.
and follow through if they emailed you the job.  hi bob just confirming your f100 has been delivered safe and sound to y.
was suprised with the number of customers that were greatful we let them know this. 


Raddamant said:

The other end of the spectrum isn't any better.

"Thank you for calling XXX, where every day is a great day! This is So and So; how may I help you?"

That is the exact greeting phone operators were required to use for a nation wide company. People got disciplined for not saying it verbatim. In a company of thousands, I'll bet fewer than 100 people supported that. Customers were confused because it sounds downright stupid and even condescending, and also annoyed because it takes thirty seconds to say! Luckily that didn't last too many months.



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