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Loaded Refer Sinking By The Minute.

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Received a call from a local dairy that one of their refer trailers loaded with milk, the leg had broken through the asphalt and it was settling worse by the minute. They asked if we could respond immediately before the trailer goes completely over. It was Memorial Day, Eric and Dave responded with the 60 ton Century and rigged the trailer, lifted it, and then set one of the company's tractors underneath it in minutes. The owners of the company was quite releaved and everyone went on to enjoy the rest of the holiday.















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MTA415 said:
Like taking candy from a baby...
Jerrys Road Service said:
Easy $$$$$$
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca


Reliable Towing said:

Painted boards to match the trucks, again raising the bar.

Your operator looks pretty calm working under pressure.

Way to go emoticonthumb.gif


KenM said:

Leg break through?? Look like the leg collapsed, not any failure of the pavement. What really happened? S/F...Ken M


Mr. Waialae Chevron said:


Da Wash Boss said:

glad to see you done a job for that company. they are normally very cheap and they use a cut rate tow company now. they were using a first class company but they went with a cut rate one. i hope you banged them good!!!!!

Danny Cassello - TRPC "EST 1963" - East Hartford, CT


Nate940 said:

just wondering if you think your truck would have held if the trailer would have started to roll before your lines were tight.


BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:

Well good question Nate but your wire is always loose before it's tight,an it would take more time to block it than hook it.Also the call from the lady in the office was the trailer sank in the lot an that it was ready to roll over Hurry, hurry, that became our call narrative but it went well in a few minutes the unit was secure. thanks again BOB


drewmel said:

Danny I am not sure what u mean by cut rate but you have my number, gimme a call I'd like to know who I pissed off and why? -Andy


Da Wash Boss said:

Hello Andrew,,,, I am not ticked off at anyone. I know who was towing for those people before and for many years and then another tow company I am not sure who they came in super super dirt cheap. So I consider that a cut rate tow company. Do you know who that company is I am not sure.

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT


BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:

After looking at this job i should have picked both side for safety but like i said before i don't know it all still learning but like i said i look at the pictures after the job a see how i can improve next time because i know you guys will let me know were to improve that is why this web site is very helpful.. THANKS AGAIN ERIC 659.gif
drewmel said:
Danny we have been towing for Guida's for awhile now(2 yrs) I dunno it goes by too fast. We are right down the street lees than 5 miles. And I know our rates and I would definitely not consider them cute rate by anymeans. I've been with Mike for 5 yrs and wouldn't go anywhere else.
Claytons Towing said:
Hi, We have had a fair few trailers in the same situation you had there. We usually back under the front of the trailer with our turn table adaptor on the under lift and pick the front of the trailer up on the pin. Find it quick and safe and can tow the whole unit to a repairer if required. The rotator looks great and does a great job but I sometimes feel if customers see us using cranes to do jobs like that they will may look at trying to save money and hire a crane company to do the same if it happens again. There is cranes everywhere around here, but by using the cradle with adapter it shows a specialist piece of equipment. Don't get me wrong, you have done a great recovery, I just think you always got to show that your using equipment that every corner crane company doesn't have. Please don't anyone take this as me picking on your equipment or how you do jobs, as I'm not, just a personal opinion I have. Cheers Mike
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Mike were talking about 2 different things,first the yard where the out of town trailer landing gear let go is one of our reg. customers,the trailer was going to Conneticut to deliver so they were't unloading ,they could continue to there location then fix the trailer at home,so all we needer to do is a quick lift so there tractor could hook up.We us our 5th wheel att. when we are going to take the trailer but that wasn't the case today, an around here crane co. get 2000 tho. just to set up,also were are you getting a crane on a major holiday, all you'll get is a answering mac.Eric was on seen in 20 min an 10 min. later he was closing up,Every body was happy an the whole thing turned out to be just a minor bump in the road for the milk hauler,also any tow guy can beat a crane guy to a job site any day of the week,time was very very important on this one.hope that helped BOB
Ed Barker said:
No way would a crane show up fast,,,it was a hurry,,,hurry,,,call and you shot out the door,,,,from what I have seen normally you can't get quick service like that from a crane company,my opinion is the wrecker is much faster to be on scene.659.gif
Da Wash Boss said:
Bob, you said it well about crane companies. It would take almost an hour around this area for a call back and thats during normal business hours!!!!! Then they have to send someone out to look at job who knows how long that will be then they have to figure out if they even want to do the job, again I can only speak for this area perhaps other areas crane companies respond much faster. Big Wheel did a fine job on that recovery.

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
BigWheelRecovery said:
Thanks Dan, thats the way things go in the real world, BOB
WreckerPhil said:
good job big wheel! but normally the call you get is....." the trailer is leaning over abit, the landing legs are ok and it isnt heaverly loaded" and you turn up to find the oppesite! keep up the good photos.
Claytons Towing said:
Hi Guys, Didnt cop the daggers like I thought I would for my comment .lol
Must be different here, we are the only heavy towing company in the area but there is six major crane companys who between them would have over 90 cranes from frannas to 100 tonners so you still keep getting people even police thinking whenever something happens you have to call a crane. Luckily people seeing mega tow in use has slowly brought more work away from the crane idea, so i guess it makes me a bit anti crane for accident and recovery work. We have 5 heavys and respond quick as well, and I do agree when it comes weekends and nights the crane companies all aren't so keen to be found...Cheers Mike
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