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Pictures of "Wrapped" Trucks

Ed Barker

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This topic was originally created on Tow411 in April of 2014.


I am looking at having a new carrier completely wrapped,,any pictures of others wrapped units,,never done this before.
Updated in January of 2019:
New wrecker is home and in the stable,,,now to color paint match or wrap it!
Towing Medina said:
Here's a few.  Easy to remove when ready to sell.IMG_20130913_164416_455.jpg
Towman62 said:
Here it is before the wrap...
Here it is Wrapped
LIGHT DUTY WRAP                                                                                                           64c26a28450b4dfae7ca5d006989402783f9773e_r.jpg
What's the average cost to wrap a heavy or light duty?
Kenny Miracle
''Miracles Do Happen Here''
VERNON75 said:
I was quoted around $2,000 and they would have the truck 4 days. That was for a regular cab international 4300 flatbed. I'm in a pretty small town and their the only option. When I get another truck and can afford to lay one up for 4 days, I will shop around outside this area for the best deal. Either way it's going to cost good $$$, so I'm not going to risk not getting exactly what I want to save a few hundred dollars.
Ed Barker said:
Those look great,,I was quoted 15-16 hundred for the 550,,,just need some ideas,,thanks fellers
iatowmater tubeyellow.gif said:
Here is my 2008 International 4300 Ext cab Flatbed.
Bill Sellner tubebronze.gif said:
Most of time extra cab flatbeds right around $2000.00 for complete cab. We are just doing a F550 extra cab in pink. I will try to get it on this weekend. Bill
Bill's Towing & Repair, LLC
(608) 592-7200
Serving 3 Wisconsin Locations
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Santiam01 tubegold.gif said:


These guys are going for a Military Airplane theme, they have two more new trucks getting wrapped now. Nice thing is, when they are done with the trucks, I have white trucks to sell-no custom paint job rolling the streets...


Sheridan said:

You may want to look at the reflective vinyl. We are looking at that for the Heavy we have been building. The cost difference is very minimal, maybe $1 to $2 more a square foot. You just need to watch the colors that are visible from the front. I should have the price on Monday on this.


Ed Barker posted in a new topic January of 2019:



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Paint Vs Wrap created by Newman Towing in 2015:

I just bought an older IH 4700 10 ton wrecker. The paint is awful. After talking with several people about painting it the way I would like its 4-5k and three to four weeks. I ventured out to a wrap shop in the city that a lot of business use and explained what I wanted. They were quick with a basic cgi to show me and actually tweaked a few things that made it look better. The quote was 2k for the wrap and two maybe three days for the whole truck ( minus the boom which I am going to have blasted and painted). My question is do you guys with wraps have good success? No peeling, turning, fading and staining? I know paint chips and scratches but u can touch it up. I just don't want this to last for 6 months and have to have it redone every year. I also like the fact we can have both flat beds wrapped to have a totally matching fleet. Please post pics of your wraps and opinions. Thanks


mike11817 said:

paint is for ever and if you paint name on its harder to sell if you wrap it when you go to sell you just rip it off if they dont like it and take your name off


BlackAutoload said:

My vinyl guy wants good paint under the wrap to offer any kind of warranty.
So , no wraps here.
It is a huge expense with no return on investment.


In Memory of lasvegastowpro who said:

You most definitely should have a good base paint, maybe a single color. Next you need to make sure you have high quality vinyl and that the weather is going to cooperate with you but a good wrap should last from 12 to 20 months from my experience in the high desert


Newman Towing said:

The guy at the sign shop says the paint is decent enough for the vinyl. They use the 3m brand vinyl. I am hoping for about 2 yrs from the wrap. One truck we bought had a painted name on it. Spoke with three body shops and every one told me lacquer thinner and plastic razors. They were wrong. Ajax and oven cleaner (old lady at gas station told me this trick). But will never buy another truck with a painted nothing on it.


Santiam01 tubegold.gif said:

We have the California yellow trucks here. Buy a yellow truck, or buy white & paint yellow. I have a customer who did wraps a few years ago, & is now getting ready to trade the truck in. The paint under the wrap is fresh white paint. No "ding" for a faded yellow truck. If you have a custom color, or scheme, it comes off with a wrap, when you move the truck out of your fleet.


Road Rescue NY tubebronze.gif said:

We have been using wraps since our 2007 Peterbilt. Like anything else it is only as good as the company doing the work. Be sure they put the additional 3M UV film over it. This way 2yrs into it when a driver bangs up door #2 on the right side he can just print that door and NO fade. This also ads value over paint, paint always fades. With high quality work we have not had any issues even with the horrible North East winters. Resale is great, Peel it off and you have a nice clean truck. He has done 13 trucks and trailers for us now and couldn't be happier.  Good Luck & Stay Safe,  Bill


Newmans Towing said:

Thanks road rescue. It's suppose to be the 3m with uv screen. I am liking the idea of being able to match all the trucks.


DodgeTowGuy134 tubered.gif said:

If may be 3M brand, but there are different thickness of the wrap material, I'd go for the thicker mil. Also, the wrap material inks WILL fade, even with the UV film over them, over time, especially RED ink, as it absorbs the most UV.

I had a truck wrapped and it was nice for about 3-4 years, but then it starts looking bad from there out. Also, there is a potential for staining and scrapes to the wrap.

In my opinion, a really good quality paint may cost more, but it;s the way I'd go and that's what I did when it was time to redo the truck, paint with vinyl cutout name/logo on the doors


ETTS Tow Sales said:

Look into Liquid wrap
Supposed to be the 1/4 the price of vinyl and paint, plus can peel off when ready to sell and not damage paint under it.

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