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  1. Sometimes I forget we used to tow everything before there was any carriers,,, lol.
  2. Something about those new 7 inch bull haulers,,,lol. Should be back from sign shop tomorrow,,,
  3. This was one from this morning,,,,,, brand new tractor,,, guy said he was gonna retire and leave the digging to a professional,,, super nice feller to do work for.
  4. My guys got all the decals off and they done an excellent job of power washing it ,,,all new rubber is mounted So glad to finally see some black on the boom,,, slowly but surely its getting there. The red is getting close,,,,,,, The new truck is coming along nicely,,, Now she's got some of that BARKER RED,,, now to paint the cab and then time to reassemble. We are on the third and final stage,,,now to paint the
  5. 1994 International 9400,,,600 Holmes with extendable box booms,,,hydraulic drag winch,,,Century 3 stage under reach,,,N14 Cummins eng,,,10 spd,,,has been sitting a year,,,believed to have a fuel issue,,,runs on either,,,rubber 80 percent,,,would make a dandy truck for all around work,,,740-404-2568 London,Ohio $19,500 obo
  6. I would have to say this has to be one of my favorite light duty tows,,, took this 66 Mopar to the interior shop for a friend,,, jolly rancher green.
  7. It never changes in the towing business,,,man calls for wreck we brought in and wants all contents including his fishing poles he has "NO" insurance,,, I say bring me the title so I can junk it and get it out of my tow yard and you can clean it all out,,, he says in a mean voice I'm not paying you a dime and I'm not giving you a title!,,, along with a few very bad words that sounded like my ex wife was back on my porch,,, I said then your not cleaning it out,,, he then said what are you gonna do with those fishing poles! I said I own two gravel pits fully stocked and my kids love t
  8. I can still hear Dad saying that,,,this lexus jumped the bridge hitting a tree in mid air,,,Thank the Lord the driver survived,,, We had to bring it up and over do to drainage pipes coming out of the banks,,,BARKER"S TOWING put it in the books. I love these type of jobs.
  9. Just got in from a bad wreck,,,car wrapped around pole,,, occupants were said to be okay,,,what a Blessing.
  10. Had an interesting one today in the creek over a guardrail ,,, had to come up to come out due to steep incline and drainage pipe,,, had to keep control of it in air due to high winds,,, Barker's put it in the books. Everyone on scene said how will you get that out???,,, I could hear my Dad in the back of my mind saying,,, "If it went in then it will come out of there!",,,lol. Would have liked more pictures but was limited due to having road shut down.
  11. I have for sale my 1934 Dodge Brothers wrecker,,,it has a Marquette model 141 N wrecker unit on it,,,truck has factory suicide doors,,,no rust,,,8200 original miles,,, I restored this in the 90's in honor of my Grandpas passing exactly 2 weeks apart,,,I have used it in many parades over the years,,,only reason I am selling it is it just sets in the shop,,,I haven't used it in about 5 or 6 years,,,I start it every 3 or 4 months,,,I occasionally take it a drive on the property a couple times a year,,,as you can see its pretty dusty,,,lol,,,
  12. Theres no way to argue out of the remarks on this one ,,,lol.
  13. The wrecker that has the lettering is my old unit,,the one not lettered is my new replacement unit,,,what a difference! lol
  14. It should be to the sign guy by the end of the week,,,looking forward to putting it to work.
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