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Old TowMan In The Desert


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Hi, Tumbleweed here


I'm just an old dude having my last stretch of professionions, loving every minute of it.


Based out of Winslow, Az, the 4 man company "Tri-R Towing", which I run light duty carrier for, is full tow & recovery - from busted scooters to sunken lake dredges with the T&T carnage idiocy and everything in between. The comp also runs 2 KW heavy's, a 45 & 50t, and landol, plus all the recovery equip needed, backhoe, skid steer, reachlift, Cat loader, light plants, yadda yadda.


I run for all LEO agencies, as well as being the go-to flatbed for any non-typical scene (if it's hangin' off a bridge, I'll be right there, lol). I also run flatbed for the southern district of the Navajo Nation, now THERE'S some crazy hoo-hah recoveries, boy the stories I could tell ya!


We do NOT run motorclubs on their terms, period, you want the pro's to rescue your client, you pay the pro price.


The owner is a 30's sumpin level headed dude that I really enjoy working for and with, the man is ALL about the equipment he owns, so my rig is always ready to rock, he also has what I call "the sight", to be able to see what your going to do before you even engage the PTO. He has another 2 heavy operators, 1 recent hire, the other joined with him at startup in '08 (I've been since '13).


The truck I run is a 2011 F-650xlt, Century 21' & WL, with all the toys I can possible find room to store (I need another cargo box boss!, lol). Boss knows I take damn good care of his truck, so he let's me run amok with my silly add-on stuff (lighting, radios, custom mudflaps with polished chrome weights, ar aRR AAAARRR!!!


Ok then, reckon that's enough for now.


Stay Safe,



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There may not be a trail ahead of me ..... but there's damn sure one behind me!

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