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Bill 147, Towing Industry Act, 2011


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Topic Originally Created by Webb Wehbe on Tow411 in July of 2008:


As a group of concerned towers, we have put together a website (www.bill87.com) to fight Bill 87, the new proposed legislation in Ontario, Canada. The people that put this bill together have already divided the province up amongst their own stakeholders and unless you know someone, you weren't included.

Big business is behind this bill as it puts the future of all the small and independent towers in their hands. It gives the board unlimited powers beyond any government agency. For example, they would have more powers than the Police and Revenue Canada (Canadian version of the US IRS), they are the judge and jury, all paid for by your favorite people.

The PTAO used their membership drive in 2007 to springboard to this saying that their membership wanted this bill; the fact is that other than the board, only a select few knew anything at all about the back room dealings that were going on. They even only bother informing their own membership the day _after_ the first reading too place in Toronto.

The newly appointed towing council executive is private retired tower who has a training school. Other than many years of towing, the head of the PTAO does not have any real professional accreditation and he is self-appointed, as far as I am aware.

Although Bill 87 will affect every tower in the province, they have refused to inform anyone but their existing membership. They have not advertised their local meetings in any trade magazines or local news papers. They have refused to contact all the independent operators, even though they proposed a law that will affect every tower. On the off chance that you have hear and attend one of their meetings, you will not be permitted to speak without paying the $350 annual fee.

With the onset of Bill 87, the PTAO and The Ontario Towing Council (TOTC) (guess what, PTAO members now belong to the TOTC) has done so many inappropriate actions, no way any person in their right mind should support Bill 87. As one local conservative MPP put it, if you support this bill, leave he following behind, all your keys, your checkbook, and your livelihood.

Bill 87 will eliminate every small tower as they will not qualify for the multiple licenses that will be required. They will need to operate under a big tower's license or they will not have the legal right to work. Are your trucks older then 5 years old? (look at what happened to the taxi drivers). Ever been convicted or even accused of an unrelated crime? (don't plan on being able to get a license or own part of a company). Work a specific chunk of asphalt? (might belong to someone else soon). **** off the PTAO? (there goes your license). Charge a rate reasonable for your area? (someone else will be setting your rates) Charge a fuel surcharge? (not without someone elses approval). PTAO memberships at $350 sound fair? (you can bet on the burocracy costing millions with high licensing fees to match). Accused of wrong doing? (your business is shut down until your hearing). Plan to fight their judgement in a real court of law? (your license forbids you from doing so) Fix your trucks with non-OEM parts? (truck license will be revoked). Looking to buy a new truck out of the US? (not if the manufacturer hasn't submitted to their new regulations)

Quite simply, it puts the big towers in control of your company.

If you support your industry, visit www.bill87.com and join in to support the fight against Bill 87. The website will continue to improve daily so visit often. Inform your fellow towers about www.bill87.com. This site is set up and maintained free as a service to the industry. If you have details to contribute, please let us know right away.

We aren't against reasonable regulation - it keeps the bad apples out of the mostly good bunch, but we can't afford to allow ourselves to be placed under the dictatorial conditions set up by a dozen people who stand to benefit heavily.

Take care.

Webb Wehbe
Certified Wreck Master 6/7 AC
Supporting Independent Towers
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One Year Later Acestowing asked:
So where is this at now?
Bryce Weber - Aces Towing
WM 091409 Level 6/7
CdnTowGuy said:
It was announced at the PTAO general meeting in July that Bill 87 was essentially "off the table".
However the issue has not died or gone away.
It was noted that the O.P.P. and the Ministry of Transportation will be tabling thier own legislation and regulation of our industry in the province. There was no idea as to what may be in the proposal from O.P.P./M.T.O.
This should happen shortly after the House at Queens Park sits for the next next session.
The PTAO was still attempting to propose an idea where towers from the province would have an input into whats coming, but I have not heard of anything since the AGM in July.

Legislation is still coming, but I don't know if anyone knows in what form.

In 2011 Towmonster1962 said:
The bill has been squashed by the municipalities last summer its done with
ByTown Tow said:
The bill is not squashed it was re-introduced  December of 2010 under bill 147.
Here's a link


http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/bills/bills_ ... illID=2448
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