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Sometimes we all just need a break

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This is from an old article back in 2005, the link is no longer active but I have the story. Enjoy!


The man standing between his vehicle and the car he'd obviously just bumped into this past Friday morning looked dejected.

The woman in the other vehicle was busy writing down his personal information while he stood by helplessly, no doubt picturing his next insurance bill.

The woman ran her hands over the bumper, looking at the damage. As I sat at the stoplight, I looked, too. At first, I couldn't see anything. I finally spotted a small dent in her bumper.

Oh, come on, I thought. Give the poor guy a break. The dent probably could be tapped out with a rubber mallet.

My sympathies lay with him.

Almost a year ago, I was driving down a long gray stretch of road on a gray day. I passed something I wanted to get a better look at, so after checking in my rear view mirror to make sure no one was behind me, I slowed down and pulled onto the shoulder to turn around. I stayed on the shoulder for a minute, looking ahead and then double-checking my rear view mirror before I pulled back onto the road to make a u-turn.

As I pulled into the opposite lane, I looked up and saw a big, big, truck headed straight for my back bumper.

I straightened the car and braced for the impact. He missed me, God only knows how, by inches and ended up in the ditch.

I pulled over and walked back to him.

"There was nothing I could do," he said, his voice shaking.

"I'm so sorry," I told him. "I never saw you. Are you OK?"

He looked at me as if he wanted to wring my neck. He was fine, he said. He called a wrecker, expecting me to leave, seeing he was OK, but I wanted to wait with him and pay for the wrecker. I thanked him for not cussing me or getting ugly, telling him it said a lot about his character.

Although we hadn't collided, there was no doubt I was the reason he was in that ditch.

He wouldn't let me pay, saying the tow truck driver was a friend and wouldn't charge him.

I told him I'd stay to make sure there weren't damages to his truck that we couldn't see.

Sure enough, when they pulled it out of the ditch, there was a crack in the plastic.

I gave him my name and number and told him to let me know what it cost.

Legally, I likely was under no obligation. Morally, I was responsible.

He called a week or so later, saying it would cost around $350. I asked him to have the garage send me a bill and I'd pay it.

Weeks, then months went by. I never heard from him again.

I can only deduce that he decided the damage was minimal and that he could live with it.

So, if you're reading this and happen to be in a situation where you can choose to be right or to be merciful, consider mercy.

It may come back to you some day when you need it most.


Buddy Corgan said:

Wouldn't it be nice?...


Buggage said:

That's well put. Thanks for posting that.Regards,


Body Soother said:

Ron, I would call that above and beyond.

I was thinking as I read this, would be nice of him to pay the wrecker bill, sure enough you offered.

About 6-7 years ago, I pulled up to close to an S-10 blazer at a stop lite, forgot about him being there, lite changed I took off, big truck smashed his tailgate. I told him I would call Ins and tell them, we were real busy, I forgot ( probably age thing). He came by offered to settle without calling Ins, I ask how much, he said $20, I almost broke my arm reaching for my wallet.



danielswt said:

a couple of years ago dad went out to tow a car ,he parked in front of the ladies house and went to the door to get the keys ( i believe he might have went into the garage) when he came out the truck was gone. ?? hmm looked down the street and sure enough it was at the bottom of the hill pushed up againt a junky s-10 in some ol ladies yard. emoticonthud.gif

the e-brake had come off and you know what happened.

the damage to our truck - bent in bumper. (porta powered out ) damage to his lil pos s-10 - a bent bumper. we told the guy we would get him fixed up,ordered a new bumper and called him to come down and have it put on. he finally shows up and nicely says . ahh i aint doing nothing i'll just put it on myself. emoticonhuh.gif uhh ok .

this new bumper was worth more than the truck so im guessing he probably put it on e-bay because months later he still hadn't put it on.

some times bad things turn out humorous and not so bad.--- Daniel ---
"im only stuck a lil"www.southwesttowing.com


" Don't tell us how good you are, show us! "
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