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Fairing Straps


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Good Morning everyone, recently one of my drivers came across towing a tractor from the rear. In doing so we had to secure the side skirts and fairings. I was then told that they make special ratchets or some sort of tie down system made special for this, and i have searched high and low looking for this product or even to think of a name. Ideally its a 1" strap or 2" strap with special ends to either clamp or hold the sides of the fairings. If anyone could point me in the right direction or help out id love to hear from you. Either or I am looking for something other then using just a basic ratchet strap. Any and all help is very apprecitaed.




Dave F.

Hampshire Towing


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We use these with a chain link welded to the adjustment side so that we can hook our 1 or 2 inch straps to them. Since they are adjustable, you could add a 1x4 to run the height of the faring for added stability. 


Edit: for some reason it is not letting me post the picture. The clamps are a Sheet Metal Welding Locking Pliers 8". Basically a vice grip with a flattened set of tips.

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