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  1. TTOUT

    Fairing Straps

    We use these with a chain link welded to the adjustment side so that we can hook our 1 or 2 inch straps to them. Since they are adjustable, you could add a 1x4 to run the height of the faring for added stability. Edit: for some reason it is not letting me post the picture. The clamps are a Sheet Metal Welding Locking Pliers 8". Basically a vice grip with a flattened set of tips.
  2. TTOUT

    Tow411 member Ave

    I couldn't get my old username to work, forgot the password and dont have that email anymore, I just took out the underscore and I'm back! Glad you made it here/back to our community!
  3. TTOUT

    I am back

    Welcome back Jerry!
  4. TTOUT

    New to heavy

    Hello All, I'm Chris and I was on the forums 8 to 10 years ago under the name TTO_UT. I'm back on here and back in the industry after a hiatus to attend college. As the name implies, I'm in Utah USA, based in the Salt Lake City area. My previous towing experience was in light and medium duty, primarily working for a company contracted to AAA. I am now working for Bullocks Towing on the heavy side of the industry. I'm excited for the challenges and to learn more about heavy towing and recovery.
  5. Hello Everyone, 

    TTO_UT is back! I'm alive and well. I took a hiatus from the towing industry to go to college but I'm glad to be back in. They say that people either like towing or they dont, once they experience it. I'm here to say that I got the bug and it never left.


    When I was a member on here before, I was working for a company in Salt Lake, Utah, doing light and medium duty for AAA. I have now put on my big boy pants and am working for a company that runs heavies and a tater. I'm really enjoying the new challenges and am open for input from our awesome community.


    Stay safe out there!