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  1. A little late to the party but checking in from SL, UT here!
  2. TTOUT

    Hard working gal!

    She's a tough cookie with over 650,000 miles on her but she keeps pulling the loads. This is an unloaded set for reference.
  3. Love those yard mules. I have towed the same one several times due to the recurring issues with it running rough. I would throw a pic in here but I guess the picture has too large of a file size since my phone camera takes UHD pics. I'll let you imagine though; a white and blue, 2014 KW W900 with a Miller DTU, hauling an Ottowa T2 from the rear.
  4. You can save some time and crawling around on the ground by using a kingpin puller to pull the chains back up around the axles. Also not a fan of the way it is chained to the T bar or how the safety chains are ran. If it requires a bungee, it's not secure enough or too long for that job. I didn't see the mirrors turned in to avoid damage and no fairing straps were used for this rear tow. That's a glutton for damage claims. @Trent A Butzlaff
  5. I like the ease and look of the newer system. I am missing the ability to look back at all the old posts, but they may get here eventually. One thing that keeps throwing me off is that we have to scroll all the way to the bottom of all the replies to get to the next unread topic. A suggestion might be a way to make it swipe left or right.
  6. Went to tow a pickup and trailer about 10 years ago. The pickup was fine and very clean. When I dropped the trailer, there was blood coming out of the door and that unmistakable smell. Turns out the owner had about 20, 5 gallon buckets of rotting meat for bear hunting. Needless to say a couple of them that he had not tried very well had tipped and broke open. The guy just walks in the trailer and picks it all up without gloves and cleans up the mess. He said he had a feeling he might have some tip while he was driving. I wish he had said something before we hooked it, i would have helped him secure them better. Disturbing but glad it wasn't something worse.
  7. I really liked the Power Drive 4000 watt I had in my old cab-over, it ran almost everything I had. It also has bluetooth control but I never needed it. I would recommend direct writing it to the batteries because we initially had it off of the power post in the cab but it didn't draw enough and would set off the low voltage alarm. Once we direct wired it with the proper size cables it worked really well.
  8. I would have liked to see some PPE on the tow driver as well. Glad to see there are cones and someone out there helping to direct traffic at least.
  9. I've been driving a truck with a Miller DTU on it and I think it is a very versatile unit for many things. Sure, you can't use it for the full recovery jobs but that's why we have other trucks as well. The company I work for is getting a second DTU to add to the fleet at the moment. We have a Rotator, 3 HD trucks, a tractor with a ramp deck trailer, and the 1, (soon to be 2 DTU's). We have the truck for the job but most of the tractor only tows, especially swaps or distance runs go to the DTU or the smaller of the HD trucks.
  10. Still trying to find out more info on who the operator is, due to knowing many of the operators in the area, but I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.
  11. We use these with a chain link welded to the adjustment side so that we can hook our 1 or 2 inch straps to them. Since they are adjustable, you could add a 1x4 to run the height of the faring for added stability. Edit: for some reason it is not letting me post the picture. The clamps are a Sheet Metal Welding Locking Pliers 8". Basically a vice grip with a flattened set of tips.
  12. Hello Everyone, 

    TTO_UT is back! I'm alive and well. I took a hiatus from the towing industry to go to college but I'm glad to be back in. They say that people either like towing or they dont, once they experience it. I'm here to say that I got the bug and it never left.


    When I was a member on here before, I was working for a company in Salt Lake, Utah, doing light and medium duty for AAA. I have now put on my big boy pants and am working for a company that runs heavies and a tater. I'm really enjoying the new challenges and am open for input from our awesome community.


    Stay safe out there!

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