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  1. It looks really cool and well done. The only issue I can see with that wrap, is the camoflague it will have when in shaded streets. In the early morning or after noon, and even in wooded areas, it will be harder for other drivers to see. Just my 2 cents though.
  2. Back when we used wired tow lights, we had an operator put the wire under the arm of a Mercedes wiper. He actually put it under the whole blade and arm assembly causing the blade to crack and when he took it off, he bent the arm. Ended up costing us $50 for the rubber blade and a couple hundred for the arm.
  3. I kinda miss my old Yugo from high school, it was the mustard yellow and ugly as heck but a fun teenage car.
  4. Yeah, with Prop 65, tow lights cause cancer lol. They do have some if the most interesting laws there.
  5. One question, does your local regulations say that once you are hooked, the vehicle is in your possession until a release is paid for? If so, hook it and then throw dollies, then go about your day. We would get to the vehicle, hook the front, or rear, and once we had it, it was ours. Even if the person came out, we still had legal possession of it and were allowed to charge a drop fee in addition to the hook fee. If they didnt want to pay it, off to the yard it went. At the time, the regulations here were $131 p/h minimum plus $70 drop fee and 15% fuel surcharge. All set by the state as required fees. We also would charge an after hours fee, (not state regulated), if someone just had to have their car back at 3 am. The person could avoid the drop fee and the after hours fee by coming in during normal business hours to get it back, this would be only 1 day storage for them which at the time was only $15 per day.
  6. Speaking of 4wd and being put into neutral, I picked one from the rear axle a couple months ago, put it in 4 wheel neutral and strapped the steering wheel, made sure the hubs were unlocked and took off. Only to be met with seeing the transfer case and front driveline flying out from under the truck a mile down the road. Be careful doing it that way, I'd suggest just pulling the driveline and going that way.
  7. Ok but let's look at it differently. Hook it like you have in the picture and its said and done with. Spending the time to try to shift it into neutral is time wasted, as well as, potential for damage. If you really dont want to throw dollies, just disconnect the rear driveline, which would save the transmission. Maybe I've been in heavy duty mode too long but it's easier to throw dollies or disconnect the driveline than to fiddle with the shift linkage.
  8. If you loose a skate and dont have go jacks, you can always use a fast food tray with one of the skinny sides cut off. It works in a pinch but always better to have the right thing handy.
  9. So the biggest issue we had here in Utah about that dolly is the overall width. It would make for 8 inches over our legal load width without having to get more permits. As cool as it is, the boss agreed as well, we would need to figure out some way to make it 10 feet or less in width.
  10. So what solution do we get when our heavy only has the tilt and extend/retract controls on the driver side? I have moved everything needed for any regular situation to the passenger side except the air hoses because there is no more room over there and the wireless light bar is hard wired into the driver side box for charging. All our heavies except mine and 2 others have working remotes so the operator can work from the passenger side. Using another truck as a blocker is neither economical, or even possible due to call volume for our area and company. Other than those few reasons, I try to work off the passenger side as it is usually the side out of traffic. I'm not trying to stir the pot here but maybe some of you have some suggestions.
  11. Good Beetlejuice, and love the skeleton animals down there as well!
  12. Pardon me, do you have any Grey Pupon? Always think of that line from Wayne's world when I see these cars.
  13. I have 6 pairs of CAT socks and man I love them as well. I know the feeling for good socks especially when winter hits. I'll have to try these ones out to see if I like them. Does anyone know if they come in larger sizes like the 13-15 size range?
  14. I don't do light duty anymore, or roadside service for that matter, I only do heavy duty now. When I did do those types of calls, good luck getting the auto clubs to pay for the tow and service in 1 call. It is a ton safer to get them off the highway but why should it cost the customer 2 of their 4 allotted calls per year? It's not the towman who is charging the second call. When the auto club puts it in as a roadside service, often the club fights you on getting it off to a safer place. Or they even send out a service truck with no tow capabilities in the first place. It's all to make or save a buck for them, it's not about the driver safety or even their customers. Sure, you can get them off the highway to a safe spot to do the service, assuming you're in a tow unit, what happens when the boss gets pissed about having to fight to get fair compensation? He's at the mercy of the auto club most often and is going to take it out on you or at least tell you to perform service on the highway. Look, I'm not saying you're wrong, different companies handle it differently. Even when the operator would rather just tow them off first.
  15. Okay, so normal GPS doesn't know the weight of the vehicle you are driving. Even the ones specific to trucks, the one where you have to input the weight, still mess up. Never trust your GPS. Always look for signs and keep in mind how much you weigh. Also, this driver may be blaming his GPS but he's still at fault because he should have known better. This will be something we see more and more in our industry, when self driving cars become more prevalent. People don't want to admit to a mistake, they look to blame it on someone or something else.
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