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  1. Good Beetlejuice, and love the skeleton animals down there as well!
  2. Pardon me, do you have any Grey Pupon? Always think of that line from Wayne's world when I see these cars.
  3. I have 6 pairs of CAT socks and man I love them as well. I know the feeling for good socks especially when winter hits. I'll have to try these ones out to see if I like them. Does anyone know if they come in larger sizes like the 13-15 size range?
  4. I don't do light duty anymore, or roadside service for that matter, I only do heavy duty now. When I did do those types of calls, good luck getting the auto clubs to pay for the tow and service in 1 call. It is a ton safer to get them off the highway but why should it cost the customer 2 of their 4 allotted calls per year? It's not the towman who is charging the second call. When the auto club puts it in as a roadside service, often the club fights you on getting it off to a safer place. Or they even send out a service truck with no tow capabilities in the first place. It's all to make or save a buck for them, it's not about the driver safety or even their customers. Sure, you can get them off the highway to a safe spot to do the service, assuming you're in a tow unit, what happens when the boss gets pissed about having to fight to get fair compensation? He's at the mercy of the auto club most often and is going to take it out on you or at least tell you to perform service on the highway. Look, I'm not saying you're wrong, different companies handle it differently. Even when the operator would rather just tow them off first.
  5. Okay, so normal GPS doesn't know the weight of the vehicle you are driving. Even the ones specific to trucks, the one where you have to input the weight, still mess up. Never trust your GPS. Always look for signs and keep in mind how much you weigh. Also, this driver may be blaming his GPS but he's still at fault because he should have known better. This will be something we see more and more in our industry, when self driving cars become more prevalent. People don't want to admit to a mistake, they look to blame it on someone or something else.
  6. We have a kit for almost any truck out there on our trucks. We also have an air line to supply the system from the fitting where the compressor meets the air dryer.
  7. Okay I may have figured it out now, here's the picture I was trying to upload earlier.
  8. Back when I was new in the business, we got a call for a trailer with a broken axle. The boss sent me out in the wrecker and someone in a carrier just in case. She beat me there and was grinning when I got there. We thought about a basket lift but had no spreader bar and even though it was empty, couldn't tell how sturdy it was anyways. So we went from the front of the trailer. I lifted and pulled it away from the curb, she backed up and we loaded it up. Back to the shop for this little homemade fella missing its shoes. We just used a short nylon strap and once it was on the carrier we strapped it with 2" straps. I believe the bed on my wrecker was a Chevy 4500 Kodiak with a Vulcan 892 or 894 and she had a Sterling cab over with a 21' JerrDan steel deck and a wheel lift.
  9. https://freightliner.com/e-mobility We've been waiting to see these trucks out on the road but many manufacturers have pushed back the production so many times. So there are based on the Cascadia and M2 box truck as well as a Fuso model coming later. There are a ton of questions I, as well as many of you, probably have about towing electric only trucks. Penske is getting them first and has had the eM2 box trucking the streets for a while in California. Understandably this is not in my state but close to here. I cant seem to find out much in the specs but the Tesla model is supposed to have independent motors for each set of duals. How would we tow it from the front without possibly damaging the motors? Also the front bumper on the Tesla appears way too low for the underlift, so there is an issue as well. Does anyone have any experience in this area? Do we know of anyone who has looked into how we are to provide service to those trucks?
  10. As cool as this sounds, I'm willing to bet that when the system finds something, it is going to refer the truck to go to the dealer for service anyways.
  11. Back when I was with a light duty company that was a AAA provider, we did Tipsy Tow. We would get bombarded with calls during those days and it worked pretty well. The biggest issue that we encountered was that people were given a free tow of 5 miles or less home or to a hotel. Even though the dispatchers were very good at telling them the details, how rationally do drunk people think? Many people would get mad if we charged the extra mileage to get them home even though we discussed the options before hooking the vehicle. We only had 1 time when someone puked in one of our trucks so I guess that's a bit of luck. I usually ended up getting some good tips from those nights.
  12. Maybe the fire truck called the tow truck hot and the tow truck wanted to get a little closer...
  13. Ok, so something I dont see in the pictures on the resource link is the circuit breakers pulled out. I see that they decided to extricate by cutting the b pillars but with an impact like that, there is potential for a short of the hybrid battery to the body of the car. It's not hard to pull those breakers and many people involved should have been trained on how to pull them. I'm glad nobody got electrocuted. Too much risk with that type of accident to leave them in.
  14. I never was able to get logged in under my old account from 2007 or so but I'm here now/again so it's not too bad anyways.
  15. Share some of that ice cream with the operators when they get back in. They'll thank you and love it like a kid loves a popsicle on a hot day!
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