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Keys Why?


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This was from a created by an unknown member on Tow411 in 2007:
This has went on for years, we thought it was funny ..But we did nothing .....
now we tow the car in and charge a extra fee for no key and they raise cane..emoticoncussing.gif
Oh Well .. we get called all the time ..COME TOW MY CAR ...
Where from and where to ?? From My CUZ House to where i stay ...
WELL WHERE DO YOU STAY ...At my house ...!!!! LOL LOL LOL
Oh,Boy I have heard it all now ........Any we got the address finly...
We are going to need the key .. It over here to my house ..
Well we need it at the car ..can you tow it with out the key ..
For and Extra fee ..
OK then ..So we tow the car and get there and the MOM raises cane about the bill..
MAN... you can't win for loosing..
The other day we got a car that was in a wreck the
car burnt up over half the car .(( NOTHING ))
Left dragging the car on the rollback and the man said
I need the key to the car ...I said they are only the key to the car in it ...
The car is no more good WHAT Do you need with the KEY ????
we have that happen all the time ...DO YA'LL???????
Jefftow replied:
Roger on the idiots. They just don't think, or can't.
It has always amazed me that someone will flip a car, land in the road orin the ditch
completely upside down put the gang thing in park and take the key.
general tow replied:
Same everywhere ive ever been and i dont understand it. I think a fatality will still pull keys.
Century Only replied:

Don't forget the fire or policeman who takes the key out and gives it to the person leaving in the ambulance. Why would an injured person in an ambulance need a key to their car more than the wrecker driver who has to move it?


slim santa replied:

Habit, through the years I have had 2 fatally injured drivers pull the keys before they passed.emoticonconfused.gifemoticoncry.gif

Al Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD


Stevo replied:

Force of habit? If that was true we would never have a lockout.devil.gifemoticonthumb.gif
What I hate is when someone abandons a car on the interstate. They take the keys and plates and then the proceed to turn the front wheels all the way to the right or left.emoticonthud.gif


towing4u replied:

the tower is always the first to get the blame...then once they find out it wasnt the tower...it starts all over again...the tower did this the tower did that.


Scott Burrows replied:

Qoute: "I have had 2 fatally injured drivers pull the keys before they passed......."
Probably thought the "Pearly Gates" might be locked!


exxonpapa replied:

I have had them crawl on the bed of my rollback (attempt I should say) to get their keys and lock the doors. i stop them and ask;
1. How do you expect it will be unloaded.
2. how will the shop know what or how to repair if they
can't start car?
3. How do you think it will be stolen off my bed with me in truck?
4. have you lost your mind trying to crawl on the bed of my truck?

I was operating my truck from the passenger side,pulling a car onto the bed , and the owner walks up opens the door and locked it before i could stop him with the keys in the ignition.
emoticoncussing.gifemoticoncussing.gifemoticoncussing.gif That costed him as well as a sermon of never approaching a vehicle that was being winched and or being prepared for tow.


Tom Jr. replied:

I was doing am m/c call last week and I had the car hooked up on the w/l and the woman was getting her stuff out she forgot. She went for the key and I told her I needed it and they wouldnt be able to fix it without a key. She leaves the key in it and trys to lock the door! I think they are just nervous and dont know what to do. I also get the people who have 10 keys on the key ring with their house keys and such and you say hey do you need these keys and they say no. I like the just leave the key under the mat calls.


joefromjd replied:

People just plain don't stop to think, suppose that's why their in the predicament their in when we get there? you call it job security. like today driver parked loaded semi trailer onfrost boils unhooked tractor & drove away 2 hrs later came back. thats right sunk in the ground 2 ft. job security. raised it up & winched it 20 ft to the concrete, easy $$$$$$$


Nick's Towing Svc replied:

How about the people that try to take all their belongings on a disabled they're going with. "Sir/Ma'am, I sure everything will still be in there when we get to the repair shop!"emoticonnuts.gif
Impounds with owners present. I'll hook up the winch line, go to put in neutral, & no keys.
"Sir, I need the keys"
"I ain't giving you the keys"
I walk right up to them & say "I ain't got no problem DRAGGING it!" When I start winching...

"Wait!, Wait!, Wait!"

emoticoncool.gif Jim Hays-WM#98752
Nick's Towing Svc, Rutherford,NJ


racerecovery replied:

Just the other day I towed a pickup from a resident and the owner wouldn't let me leave until he had his keys and truck was locked. I asked how the repair shop was going to fix it with out the keys, he replied I'll follow you to the shop. At that point I decided to just say ok and proceed to the shop, because I wasn't getting paid by the hour..


Bigtow00 replied:

I was a fireman for 7 years and I remember rolling patients to the ambulance with them screaming "I NEED MY KEYS". Of course also being a tow operator I knew to make sure the keys were in the car. I have gotten cars turned over in the ditch destroyed people have put it in park and taken the keys. I love to look at people and say: Mam nobody is going to drive off in your car.emoticonpoke.gif
Life is about the journey, not the destination.
Jason Ray
TowZone Replied:
Yep, the keys were there when I looked. I watched the emt's wheel the vehicles only occupant to the ambulance. I walked to the truck, back up to the vehicle. Then went back to straighten the wheels, guess what...... No Keys!!! In a matter of seconds without me seeing him, one of the emt's went into the vehicle and took the keys out. How could I not have seen him, I know the keys were there. So, I went over to the Ambulance and voiced my opinion, guess I go back to yanking them out first thing.
deeppowder replied:
had 2 this week. The first the driver jumpped out before the TT went 370 feet out into a field, did he pull the keys as he jumpped or did emt/fire pull them? Either way the driver ended up with them at the hospital. The next one TT rolled over, we get it cleaned up towed of to a side road to complete hook-up, driver there to get phone and stuff, Im pulling d-shaft, he as now left I gop to release brakes guess what, locked with no keysemoticoncussing.gifemoticoncussing.gifemoticoncussing.gif . He locked it while I was pulling shaft then he leaves with the keysemoticonnuts.gif . Good thing the windshield was broke cause we put a hole though it to open dooremoticonhnsnsn.gif .Mark Shy
Dillon Towing
Dillon, Colorado
Muskegontowguy replied:
So the Heavy Guys have the "Evil Pin Pullers" and the Light Duty and Rollback Guys have the "Evil Key Puller"
DennisMHDT replied:
Nothing like having FDNY turn a possible job into a total in under a minute. lol.

ESU is just as dangerous.Apple Towing
Authorized Highway Tow
NY's Largest Fleet of Light to Heavy Duty Tow Trucks
856 Liberty Av., Brooklyn, New York, 11208
localtowie replied:
We see it down here to i ve had people say when car is on tray are my keys safe.....I usually now take keys out myself put in pocket a. so i know where they are... b. so the odd smarty who doesnt want to pay or haggles he s got a car but......c. bloody central locking and faulty alarms.......

Had to deliver car to rival panel shop once it was on second behind tray ... I heard door go bang looked up saw him walking off whilst under car removing safety.... He d locked it but he missed rear door now i carry all keys myself..
karlstowing replied:
yup the car is mangled so bad you cant tell what it was you go to hook it up and the keys are gone thats right someone might have stole it lol gotta love it lol
jimnichols6359 replied:
had to tow a tractor-trailer impound a few months back, the driver is in cuffs in the patrol car, the truck was locked no keys, officer says the driver claimed he didnt have keys, so i said ok, picked the door lock then picked the ignition so i could pull it away from the curb, the driver started kicking the doors on the patrol car trying to get out, he kept yelling something about there is no way i could move his truck without the keys, i kind of enjoyed that one, i think the officer did also, he ended up calling for a second unit and they hog tied the driver, i later found out that the company fired him and they sent someone else for the truck, when they came to get it they asked for the keys, sorry they were never given to us.
certifiedautomallnj replied:
funny this is here my parents friends daughter had an accident so my dad sent me to get the car at the other company in the next town i was at their yar before they got back when i asked about the key i got a huge heated lecture about how the girl just had to have the keys and everythign me and the guy laughed but i still had to go out of my way to pick them up
Certified Auto Mall Howell, NJ
kyresqtow replied:
My Ins covers it... Garage Keepers Liability.... I believe... and I think you would need it to cover certain aspects of our jobs.... We have a full service shop so as long as I have care custody and control of the veh it is covered... and if the veh has racing clutch and such is it lowered also??? when I get those little "tuner" cars I usually drive them up on blocks for added clearance when loading....

emoticonpoke.gif If it were my kid I would be wondering why she was hanging out with ppl that are getting their cars impounded... must have been pretty bad for them to take it from his own driveway.
EKYtow55 replied:
I even had a customer call the shop other day while the Copart driver was there picking up there car wanting the keys and not let the salvage co. have them, I told him they had to have the keys to tow. he said the insurance co. needed them, who do you think was taking the vehicle!!!
West Body Shop, Inc. - Axalta Coatings Systems
(the above replies are only a sample of a very large topic)
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