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Geico questions?


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Topic Originally Created by Orcas Tow in December of 2006:


I am looking into towing for Geico, have an application in front of me, wondering what most of the calls they dispatch are for, accident transport, breakdown towing, warranty (to the dealer) towing, lockouts?
I can live with their rates if there is a good mix of all but if they are mostly breakdown tows within 5 miles I will loose with the rates they offer, I also live on an island where the nearest dealer is a 1 1/2 hr ferry ride away, I charge a standby rate for this down time, anybody in a similar situation that works with them? Thanks all.Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island


ncoast said:

One of the best clubs out there, most of their tows pay to the nearest dealer. So if its a ford and the dealer is 20 miles they have 20 miles of coverage, but can go wherever they want.
The only problem I ever had with them is over winching, with all clubs, I get paid service call fee + mileage + 1/2 hr. winch fee, must call in for more time.
One I just got was only paid service call + miles.
I called and they said thats all I get...BS....I went ahead and resubmitted it online, and reread all my contracts geicos dosen't spell it out like my others, but I have been paid by them in the past the correct way, so we will see.


Orcas Tow said:

What vehicle makes do they cover? Do they have a $ cap like some other clubs? Merry Christmas!Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island


Danny said:

They are the fairest club out there, not hard to get a regional rep on the phone or to call you back,and get this the best and easiest dispatchers to work with. Yea work with! not doing there job! they are #1

ncoast said:

Their an insurance company, and cover their policy holders.
Most dispatches are paid to the nearest dealer, for whatever make car the policy holder has.
But some have a cash limet, generally $100, and some a mileage limit, but that may be that dispatch has already determined the distance to the nearest dealer.


I posted that I had a winch not paid properly, I resubmitted it the 23 rd. and got the check yesterday. Geico is still my favorite.
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