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Received a call from Mass State Police to respond to Rte 24S, S of exit 10 in Freetown. They stated that they had a box truck that was right on top of the guardrail. The operator ran away, truck was locked up, they wasn't sure if there was a load in it or not. They also stated that they were concerned about the fuel tank, so we couldn't drag it off the guardrail, being as though it was in a environmental safety area. We responded with 2 rotators, chained the unit up, lifted it straight up off the guardrail, swung it right back over into the median without blocking the highway. The State Police also provided 2 detail officers because that area is known to have quite a few high rollers going through there. The vehicle was then towed back to our Freetown location.






















Foxtow82 said:
I'm surprised the parcel truck didn't roll from sliding as far as it did on the guardrail without rolling on it's side!! Handled very nicely!
Trucks look sharp. Thanks, JARED
xcessiveforce52 said:
nice job, even though I dont believe-in working the tator off the front.... I see alot of guys doing it without a problem including J.Hawkins(Miller Ind.) I myself see future problems to frnt. susp. as well as frame behind the cab....I can be wrong , I hope I am wrong.....I just dont see/feel the need to take that chance just so I dont have to get turned around or to make police dpt. happy not having to stop traffic for turn around, were it may cause you $$$$ down the road.....all the years I have operated a tator never had the need for it and would not do it unless I was assured no damage would come from it....like I said nice job and you guys "ALWAYS" do great work, I am just not comfortable with working from the front. I have made this comment before looking for an answer from J. Hawkins or any one that can assure me otherwise and never gotten any feed back..... keep up the good work....glad to see someone is staying busy......
Jerrys Road Service said:
Nice looking recovery.ive done lots over cab.i dont see any problems but Jorge brought up a good point i never thought abought before.unless you suspend your front suspention off front out riggers theres lots of waight up there but if you lift front end up 1st i dont see any trouble?
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca
ASAPautomotive said:
Looks like part of the new FedUp Airborne fleet. Ya' know, I just can't believe one of those "professional" operators just "ran away".

Another precision recovery from Big Wheel... as always.
BigWheelRecovery said:
Jorge if you look at picture 17 in gives sort of a side view of the boom extended, you also can see that the stabilizer legs are quite a bit forword of the boom supporting the weight ,which in this case is ziltzs.But if we were working with some real weight ,we would work off the back. Anyway its pretty cool to work the truck that way an not hamper traffic,working an having fun at the same time thats what we like to do,lifes great when you have a tater,thanks again Jorge BOB
xcessiveforce52 said:
Bob, I understand there is very little wait on this lift to possibly hurt anything ,for me its just one of them things that raise a concern and I cant get a definite "ok" on. By all means you guys are very professional and take great care of all your "impressive" equipment and I respect you guys for that and the great work you do and I enjoy the pics you guys post and I can very much relate to the way you guys handle your work and yourselves......continue the good work and pics and always stay safe.....
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