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Hello! New to the industry, BC Canada

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Hey everyone, I'm just starting out in the industry as a dispatcher
I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada

My first sit in day is on Monday, June 10th; so I figured I'd start looking into some forums so I can be familiar and as best prepared as possible.

If anyone has any tips or sources/guides to what information I should know; what helps make the drivers jobs easier, e.g. specialty towing such as towing dump trucks and detaching axles, teslas being heavy and needing dollies, software tips (Dispatch Anywhere) etc. I would be very much appreciative;
though I will be looking on my own, y'all aint my search engine and I appreciate your time!

Cheers and hope everyone's having a great and safe day.

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 Welcome! Hope you enjoy your job, and it goes well for you. A good dispatcher can make definitely make the tow go more smoothly. I was never a dispatcher, so I don't have all the answers! One thing is if you get a call for a pickup truck, sometimes it has happened to us that the customer doesn't make you aware that they are also towing a trailer as well. And if they are pulling a trailer what type of trailer is it? e.g. Bumper pull, pintle hitch, or fifth wheel, and also how heavy the trailer is loaded, If your company had a hitch receiver adapter on their rollback, and the trailer is not a fifth wheel hitch you might be able to get the pickup & trailer with one truck. Otherwise if it is too heavy, or a fifth wheel they might have to send a second truck. Also it helps if you have an accurate description of the vehicle and a good location. Is it totally off the road, or partly in the lane of travel? Another thing to ask is if there is access to the front of the vehicle (or rear if the vehicle can be rear towed) especially when the vehicle calls for a heavy wrecker. One more on the heavy side is to ask the customer if they are loaded and if so, how much weight. 

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