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Local tow companies targeted in scam, customers left stranded

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - In a disturbing trend affecting local tow truck companies, scammers are exploiting legitimate businesses and tricking unsuspecting customers, leaving them stranded and out of pocket.

Nichole Monson, the general manager of Monson Towing, alerted us to this troubling trend in the area and shared that one of her clients fell victim to this scam, having given the scammers over $2,000.

Monson described how the scammers copy legitimate tow companies’ google listings and attach fake contact numbers to deceive individuals into paying for services they never receive.

“We googled that number, and it came up Monson towing. But if you Googled farther and farther, it also had some other local businesses like Fred’s towing trailers, and action towing,” said Monson.

TV6 reached out to the fake number associated with the scam, and during the call, the scammer claimed to be a towing company named ‘24/7 Towing and Roadside,’ a company that could not be found on Google.

Victims of this scam find themselves stranded with no assistance, while the scammers disappear with their money.

Monson emphasized that her business does not take payments upfront.

“Because with the storm, the amount of inches of snow that we got, and everybody that’s on the side of the road, we have to go and assess the scene first. Because if it’s just a little tiny winch out, we’ll get them out, we’ll get them going. If it’s a major recovery, which some of them are, you know, it takes a lot more manpower, and trucks.”

In response to the growing threat, Monson says they’re taking some safety measures to prevent further incidents.

“I called as many towing companies here in the Quad Cities areas yesterday, letting them know what was going on, especially the ones that the number was linked to when we googled it. I posted on our social media page on Facebook that there is a scam alert going on, making sure that they also posted their logo of their company. Do not call this number; these are our actual business numbers. So, just to make everybody aware.”

As the community remains on high alert, Monson stressed the importance of staying informed and cautious when seeking towing assistance.

The local authorities will continue to investigate the scam, and updates will be provided to keep the public informed about this concerning trend.


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