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Interesting Upright Using Air Cushions  

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Topic Originally Created by Nick Ovenden in January of 2008:




Bet you didn't guess that was coming!

What are your thoughts on doing it that way?


Jerrys Road Service said:

looks good but ive never used cushions to upright a sea land container.i see no need
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca
Nick Ovenden said:
Jerry, what about the tractor? Would you have done that?

We sometimes use cushions on them. Some have weak sides that bow out when you lift them.
Claytons Towing said:
Not being a expert on air cushions but was the prime mover unhitched on purpose before lifting the trailer, or I wonder if it had broken off during the lift process. If it was unhitched b4 the lift I would have thought they would have removed the truck first. If it was going to be left there I would have thought one tow truck would be winching the prime mover over at the same time as the lift on the trailer. Im sure someone can explain it to me how it works?
ibflat2 said:
very interesting indeed... And I have bagged up containers also... Just depends on load and conditions.
martin ganley said:
the king pin was probably broken and they didnt notice,I`ve never used cushion myself but I would want the tractor to fallow the trailer like in a regular recovery.This guy has a lot of guts to put is head under the container like that you never know what can go wrong
Heavytowing12 said:
Not my way of doing one . I for one have never really used air cushions on sea containers. Not saying someone else hasn't had the need. The tractor portion if anything should had been righted first. If they knew it was not connected again if they knew. When all else fails show it on youtube I guess!
wessex1 said:
I'm guessing the king pin must have broken when it had started to be righted, had it been broken before, the trailer would have rolled onto its 'nose' the landing legs wouldn't take that amount of weight/force from the side then transfering onto their 'feet' to hold it upright.
Having said that it may have already been broken and the NRC at the front is holding the top 'eyes' and thereby the weight of the front of the container, saving any damage to the legs? If this was the case I don't understand why they didn't remove tractor unit prior to uprighting?
Slight health & safety issue with the man positioning the bags and being under the container!

Apart from that, you can definately say it's different technique!

- Nick, will this be your chosen method in future?

Nick Ovenden said:
Paul, I am definitely gonna use that music next time we do a roll over

If you look at the fifth wheel when the tractor is upright, there is nothing wrong with it. Likewise, when the trailer is up it is hitched to another tractor so there is nothing wrong with the king pin.

I think that the pin was pulled prior to any lifting going on, either by the recovery crew or someone before that (maybe the dreaded pin puller is over here on vacation ) but the unit was not disconnected.

During the lift, the trailer rolled back and became disconnected. If you look at the position of the rear recovery vehicle against the front one, it would have tended to pull backwards. The blocks have moved and the cushions are leaning.
Maybe they didn't notice it until it was almost upright. It wasnt restrained and so there was little they could do at that point.

Just my opinion. I wasn't there and am only guessing.

I would love to know the facts.
wrecktech100 said:
strange...i'd have had the unit away first and positioned the hi-ab(wrecker?) at the front to try to save the legs a bit..maybe an air-bag practice or another piece of kit on the charge sheet...
tow n off said:
I get bored sometimes, but I would never be bored enough to use the bags for no reason. I don't mind hard work, but I hate those things.
Century Only said:
I don't get it, why not leave them attached and hook a low line to the front axle and bring it all up together?
hpgtowing said:
I don't get it?? If it was loaded? It's almost amazing they didn't blow out the landing gear?? An operator should have realized almost immediately the tractor pin was open???? Like someone else said? Why bag a container??? They lifted it to put the blocking in place? That's the hardest part of the lift? From that point where they blocked to upright and decreases the rest of the way up? Why not just right it the rest of the way??? As soon as it was found the pin was open? The tractor should have been righted and the trailer should have been suspended and rolled so as not to loose the landing gear..... Seems to a very confusing recovery to say the least??? Stay well All... Steve
CarStoreTowing said:
Looks like the container may have been empty and the neede the money. Look at the picture where the landing gear are not even touching the ground. Recovery boom all the way out single lines. I think they had nothing to do and brought the bags out for fun and money. If you look they are picking the corner of the traile with a Knukle boom almost off the front bumper.
BigWheelRecovery said:
Why bag a container why not it is the safest why to do any rollover and to get paid isn't what its all about money and safety did you not see the two wreckers rolled over in Florida ,everyone can knock what we do but i can tell you we have never damaged anybody truck or load or have we got anybody hurt in 29 years and we get PAID what we are worth that for sure and that is what we really try to tell everyone no body is the best we all just do things different ,and we have been very successful at that i hope that we all can share our talents with all of the great towing company's out there ,just open your eyes and look at what everybody does and make it work for you and your crew .thanks again eric 659.gif
Scooby said:
hmmm, well after much thought, i decided to jump in here. There are few here that have seen this and the other pics involving this job, I have edited/cropped pics of personal and equipment for the time being.

I ask those of you that know about this to not comment at this time

never say never....Sean Connery will back ya up on that statement.

I would assume for those that would never bag a container, that the operators, personal, and all involved in this upright where negligent
possibly/maybe unskilled operators
maybe in need of some more experience in heavy duty recovery?????

remember, just a word of caution in advance, I wouldn't be posting this pic, unless I was baiting,,,lol, enjoy

Nick Ovenden said:
I think that most of you have completely missed the point with this post.

None of you know whether or not it was loaded.

There is nothing wrong with using air bags to right this vehicle, in fact it was probably the best way.

The point was the tractor. Why would you do that? What might be the thinking behind that? Was it acceptable practice or not?

Most people with air cushions will use them when they get a chance, and why not!

How many would do that with a tractor?
cbdancer said:
well i will comment on the truck being unhooked and say at the very least it should have been a controlled roll even if they discovered it after they started lifting with the bags
as for sticking my head under a trailer not on your life or mine i wont even put my hand under them


P.S. i like the music form benny hill better
aldridges said:
have used bags on containers before a few times. perhaps the safety clip had not been used and had come unhitched?
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