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1989 Autocar Holmes 850


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Bunkys added this topic in November of 2011:


Purchased this truck from my friend, Scott Cassagrande, from MTC Kenworth in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.  MTC did the entire paint job.  I put dual exhausts on with custom stainless steel brackets, stainless steel steps, battery box, guide poles, front skid plate and fuel tank straps.  I changed the tires and rims to 11:24 Bridgestone M843.  I had Tony and Mike from Edgar Road Garage, Linden, New Jersey put on a Trebron stiff leg.  The engine is a 350 cummins with a 13 speed transmission, factory AC, and power steering.  The truck has 46,000 original miles.








FMS Mike said:

Absolutely Awesome. Just gets no better than that. I'd be afraid to work it!
------Michael Vibert-------
bandctow said:
That truck is beautiful !! Best of luck with it.

njChuck said:
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know if they still have any of the single axle's, and want to sell one?
jimjim said:
now that is a true thing of bueaty !!!! where did you get the 24 inch bridgestones ?
vulcanuk said:
i like it and would love to own it
Bunkys said:
They were purchased from Custom Bandag in Wharton, New Jersey 973-366-6000
jeepfreek said:
wow...............that truck is absolutley beautifull .that is a show piece.congratulations.top of the line.regards jim[canuk]fraser.
Bob Monahan:
All i can say is WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly Neal tubered.gif said:
That's a beautiful piece of history you have!!

bulldog1635 said:
nice job
you have picture of trebron leg.
Stapleytowing said:
Very Nice!


Willys55 said:

Wow, that's Awesome!


hayden1 tubegreen.gif said:

Rob... I know this sounds weird... I need to see your rear!


Bunkys said:

Only if you take me to dinner first.


edgarroad tubebronze.gif said:

robby i know were a tight knit towing community  but chris talking about your rear is making me jealous


Bunkys said:

Mike if you new chris like i do that is not an abnormal question.


Willys55 said:

Hey Rob,
Thanks for bringing this to our yard today. Was awesome to see this brute up close. Wow, what a truck.




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