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Do you have any recommendations for shoe/boot spikes or cleats?

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The Best Ice Cleats for Shoes

Dec 5, 2022 — In the article experts have tested the best ice cleats and ice grippers for shoes ...
A staple of slapstick humor, slipping and falling is a lot less funny when it happens to you —
and the risk goes up in winter.
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I use three types. I live in the mountains. 


Steel framed strap on for thick snow and ice not great on concrete or asphalt but there about as good as it gets until you need snow shoes. $150 or more a set. Mine seem to be holding up well. While I can drive with them i pull them off if im loaded and not getting back out of the truck soon. Mine are called Leafspring or KTS hiking Crampons I think. I like them a lot. There is no rubber to break on these. Long term your probably going to win over the rubber band versions. 


Rubber band type with a chains and small teeth there great for light snow great on solid ice and you can drive with them on. Sometimes I leave them on. I like them but Im expecting lifespan to be low given the rubber band body barely fits over my 600 gram Danners.  There about $75 mine are called Microspikes I like them just worry the rubber bands going to catch a tree limb or break from the abuse of dragging rope and gear up or down steep grades. 


Cheap rubber ice cleats these came from Costco there going to break on install I bet as the largest size I could find are very tight on large boots. Cheap though and effective on iced over concrete and asphalt . $15 to $20 if you dont see deep snow there probably a valid tool. Not my go to cleats for recovery work but I carry a pair in y personal truck and there good for just grocery shopping and loading a car in a parking lot thats iced over. You can forget there on and damage your floor. But youll remember there on on a tile surface when you fall two steps in. 








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