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Electric Fencing??


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Topic Originally created by Graciesdad Dec. 2006:


I have a company wanting to install a electric fence surrounding our property. We have had a lot of trouble with theft and all our other idea's to help have failed.We have tried extra lighting, dogs, camera's, motion sensors.....all have failed in one way or another. Does anyne use this, and how effective is it. It is a company called the Electric Guard Dog.(Mods-if I cant name them please delete-Thanks) It is placed behind your existing fence and is about 10 foot high. Any feedback from current custmers or people who know something about this would be great.


ibflat2 said:

that sounds like what IAAI and Copart's have around the yards..

From what I hear you touch it, and you are going to be laying there when the PD arrives... Its supposed to really knock you down.


Scott Burrows said:

Fry 'em!
Let God sort out the good ones!


SlimSanta said:

Fry 'em!

Let God sort out the good ones!

Now where talking? AlDakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD
Buddy Corgan said:
Better check with municipality first.

They may have code restrictions on the use of that type of equipment.

On whether they work...yes they do. Been shocked once myself plugging the fence in. Definately a hair raising experience!

Scott Burrows said:
OK: forget "Fry 'em!"

Set phasers to stun.

Whack 'em in the head w/ a J-hook! That'll leave a mark!

Engineering: Warp speed, Mr. Scott!
tator envy said:
Chech with your ins company also"If ya go fast enuff, I think we'll make it"
webbs put one up very good never had a brake in afterwards and yes i did pee on it one night holly s*** watch out lol.
John Fenshaw
Lakeland F.L.
Tomjr said:
Sounds like a good idea until somone trys to rob you and gets hurt. I would check with your lawyer also.
Graciesdad said:
Im checking with the cty, but it would save them a ton of reports. Filed over 40 last week when we got hit hard.....they lived here a few days. As far as liability, Im checking with my ins. co. on that----they should ok it, they've been paying out the wazoo on claims latley. The fence company says they are 100% resopnsable during closed hours for liability or accidents? Got to see that in writing though. Got to do something.....since te judges like to be easy on thugs trying to make a living.....emoticonnuts.gif I have no problem if the fence bites them.......they are better off than if one of us catches them.....then liability on my part would be a problememoticonfight.gif Lots of things to check but Im almost ready to pay some code violations and two step around any other issues-----it would be cheaper than what these people are doing to my reputation.....and that means more to me than anything.Jay


I am one of those who would rather sink with faith than swim without it
wreckerman05 said:
these people have a good reputation, i dont have their product but know of several companies who do and their work is quality and yes it works--its bad when we cant go home after a long day and not worry about our property--i had a problem about 10 years ago,it kept me going all summer trying to catch the crooks--i finally did and no help from the justice system,but after finally identified it stopped--i did install the razor wire,security lights,cameras,dogs-big guns--have been lucky or blessed lately-- good luck---
michael212 said:
If your asking about the "Guard Dog" Electric fence we have it set up in two of our yards. We were having the same trouble with theft & breakins. Nobody around here climbs fences anymore (that too much work) they just cut right through. If you want more info send me a message. It's well worth the effort & cost to have it installed. Also your local PD will like you to for not having to come out to your place and do theft reports!!!!!
Michael Myers
TowZone said:
Yes, I have to say the product is interesting. I'd certainly like to see a few of these theives get knocked on their butts. Although, there are a million questions. The one that stands out is would this be like the razor wire. That has not worked for those who are detremined to get in. They simply cut the wire and push it aside, what would happen if they cut the fence with some insulated cutters and gloves? Would it function or blow a fuse.

Locks are for honest persons, a thief will always find a way in.
"It's when they stop talking about you, that it's time to worry."
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