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Nothing is ever easy  

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Topic originally created by KW5030 May 2006:


Well, its finally nice out, and someone wants a pool dug. This backhoe breaks down just peeling the top soil. Bad part is the septic is on one side, and the well is on the other. He drove between the well and the garage. And thats where he is coming out. Using a 16,000 nylon strap, shackle, and pulley I use that good ol' tree that volunteered. He was saying.." Use me, Use me!!"...

I did use a safety chain, so if the nylon strap brke to catch the shackle be cause I was

using a spotter to let me know what was going on . (Could not see the backhoe)

Of course the drive was made at a 90 degree turn and used for a yugo. ( that was fun )
I unhook the shackle and winch him to my truck.

After rolling down the driveway, is his truck and trailer.
Unhook the trailer from his truck, and pull him up.

Time you get some High quality H20!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr Waialae Chevron said:

behind the house around the corner...the tow truck magician can do it!!!Wailai2.jpg

nullstowing said:

Nice job, what would we ever do without trees?


pttowguy said:

If that was my customer, he would have dropped the front bucket on the ground after it quit running...lol myerssig1.jpg


showrtime93 said:

Now thats using your head  LOL nice job thanks for sharing

Harvey Spencer


auto rescue said:

I like the strap around the tree idea. Thank you for the pictures.

John R.


hpgtowing said:

Nice work.... Perfect example of meeting a challenge and working through it... Stay well.. Steve


JohnMarsee said:

Sad part about this, The break down may have only been a small $ fix. Nothing major goes wrong with a case. Glad they called you! $$$$$


bts 3 said:

Nice work. Way to use your head and resources.


Waffco Joe said:

Nice job,reminds me of that michael jordan, larry bird commercial. Around the house, though the backyard, by the swing set, around the tree,nothing but "winch-out". Thx for sharing, Joe
ExpressTowAaron said:
He must not know any good mobile mechanics? I used to manage an equipment service shop and half our business was our mobile trucks fixing things just like this. Good job, I especially like the safety chain on the tree.
MNPOOL said:
Nice job, Good recovery !!
git r towed said:
good job, i had the same thing one time except it was a track loader, it took quite a while..... john



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