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What would you do "Safety Discussion 18"

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In Memory of NationalAutow tubegreen.gif who said:

Too much weight on a bed that is too short causing front end to be lite in snow and presumable ice.

I see no tie downs.

I want to know what he charged to tear up his equipment and take that risk?


builder 2 tubered.gif said:

What does the dually weigh?


interstow said:

8 to 9 thousand.


silverhawk tubeyellow.gif said:

Minimum, F650 ext cab, for wheelbase, 22 foot, 26,000 gvw for safety.  F550 too small gvw.


rlc4523 said:

the newer F550's, dodge 5500, and even the smaller GVW Top kicks with a 19 ft bed are only good for 18000-19500GVW. our F550 weighs in at 12500 empty so that only gives us 7000 payload. most all full size trucks weigh in at 7000-9000 curb weight with no extras added like transfer fuel tanks, Tool boxes, or cargo in the bed so that gives you an Idea of what kind of loads you can / can't handle.......

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