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Load Shifts, Trailer Almost Tips

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Topic originally created December 2006:



Received a call from Lakeville Police to respond to the area of Ocean Spray Cranberry plant for a loaded TT-unit that was leaning and ready to roll over. We responded with our 60 ton rotator to winch and lift the container level and hold the container in place while the 53' container was off loaded in the street. We also brought in our HD ramp truck that is dock height to work as a loading dock for our forklift to enter and exit the container with the plastic square containers full of cranberry juice, weighing around 3,500 lbs each. There was a total of 12 containers that slid against the wall of the container as the driver turned a corner, the containers are narrower inside so all of this weight to one side made it almost lay on its side. We then used our volvo HD loader with the forks to remove the liquid containers off the ramp truck then load them onto our 53' landoll flat bed trailer for transport to the Ocean Spray Plant. We also had to hire 2 police etail officers to block the entire road while the recovery was being conducted.



















mooresbp said:
Looks like you handled it very well.
George - Moore's BP
kw5030 said:
Yep, you guys can do it all i think. Nice job
curtsharp said:
very nice and efficient use of equipment
tator envy said:
nice job. That was a heck of an idea using the HD ramp like that.....But I suppose you could have done it with a ford ranger and a pallet jack?...Sorry, just a joke, I couldnt resist it...if ya got it use it!!

I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not!
Dallas Horton said:
Nice work._______________________
Muskegontowguy said:
Hey Tator Envy;

Looks like we have the same warped sense of humor, Chec my reply in BWW's post on the loaded lumber trailer

towing4u said:
nothing like gettin the loader in there bob!
Kim02 said:
Question; I'm not familiar with those containers but were they too flimsy to use cushions to recenter the load?
Ron Pullen said:
Very nice use of equipment on hand. We have used the Landoll in the past. Back the Landoll up to the trailer back the new trailer up to the side of Landoll. Two dock plates and you have a nice portable dock on site.
Berts112 said:
Question: I see you used the tater to level up the trailer then it's gone how did you keep it level for the unload?
BigWheelRecovery said:
Kim if your thinking about putting the cushions between the containers an the wall I'm sure that's not the answer.First the containers weight 3800 lbs. each times 2 , your pushing against the side wall of the trailer, working resistance is 7600lbs the flood is wood,I think the wall is whats going,besides the containers are slambed hard against the wall leaving no chance to slide even a mat jack in there.Nice thought, but sometimes you just got to be there I guess, thanks again BOB
Ron that's common practice with us also, but in this case we had to keep at lease one lane open to the cranberry plant so we couldn't put two trucks or trailers side by each or the landoll across the back of the disable trailer an back another flat bed up to load on to, so we parked the landoll up the street leaving the road open to traffic. that's why the loader with forks. What you didn't see is how bad the trailer was leaning when our crew arrived,the left wheels were off the ground so Dave set the tater, did a partical lift to stabilize to unit then ran back an took the first picture. As always nice to hear from an old friend. BOB
Kim02 said:
Thanks Bob. Just looking at pics trying to figure out what I would have done with what I have to work with. Was thinking of separating each one. If they weighed 3,800 lbs. I would think the most it would take to move 1 would be 2,500 lbs. We commonly get them flat against wall & never seems like much trouble to get them moved. Not criticizing at all. You did a great job, I just don't have the equipment that you do.
You guys have all the fun...
Will Cain
BigWheelRecovery said:
Gary the tater stayed attached through the entire process,we ajusted it once but if you look close you will see it eather over the roof or through the window of the ramp. thanks BOB
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