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Drum Lift

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Recreated from a topic which appeared on Tow411 in Dec. 2006:


I was called to lift this drum off of the mixer accident that we did last week. The drum still has about 9.5 yards of concrete in it and the drum drive attached...we estimated 46,000 lbs.

After I lifted it from the chassis, we pulled the truck out from under the load with a loader and sat the drum on a detach trailer. We did not really have enough room to rotate it around to the other side and get the trailer in. I did rotate the load approx 6 feet to align it with the trailer with no problems.

I also did a little research while doing this job. Based on the weight we estimated, I changed the boom angle and reach to compare with the Miller load chart...as far as an unscientific study can go, I think the numbers are very close to accurate. When I would change the angles with the weight suspend I could see the change in how the rotator sat...I never did allow it to go far enough to take all of the weight off of the opposite side, I just did not see a reason to push it to those limits. Just another learning tool for all of us!







i see a couple of drums off in the background is this company having trouble lately?
Ron Pullen said:
Very nice looking lift .
46,000 off the side is a nice round number !
Curt Sharp said:
This company has actually had a good year for stuff like this. They are a large company and buy and rebuild many trucks a year.

Mr Waialae Chevron said:

It looks like you are using chains around the drum? You got a close up of the front side hook-up? What's keeping the chain from sliding off?

Curt Sharp Said:
The rear we took off both panels on the side of the drum and ran chain through there...the front we torched holes on both sides of the ring and lifted
rotator60 said:
That's a nice lift....46,000 lbs off the side is no problem for a 1060s rotator....Get a good footprint with the outriggers and she's good to go.
Scott Hedgcoth
BlkWill said:
Curt, nice work there. Glad to see your working that KW. Keep up the pics coming.
Will Cain - Chesapeake Service
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