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  1. I did. To be honest there is very little difference in any of them. I would have looked closer at the Kaylin Seibert if I had a dealer close by. I think the best thing that you can look for is dealer support.
  2. All have good and bad I guess. Talbert has nice chain compartments, enclosed controls, 1" lower deck height. Time will tell
  3. 2020 Talbert 53' sliding axle. I can not thank our customers, employees, friends, and family enough for helping us grow. It is very humbling that we have had such success in a relatively short time. We truly appreciate everyone's hard work and loyalty. Let's make 2021 a great year and many more to come.
  4. Wow! 20 years. Always been a great asset to the towing industry.
  5. Our condolences to the family, friends, and coworkers. This would be difficult to deal with.
  6. Recreated from a topic which appeared on Tow411 in Dec. 2006: I was called to lift this drum off of the mixer accident that we did last week. The drum still has about 9.5 yards of concrete in it and the drum drive attached...we estimated 46,000 lbs. After I lifted it from the chassis, we pulled the truck out from under the load with a loader and sat the drum on a detach trailer. We did not really have enough room to rotate it around to the other side and get the trailer in. I did rotate the load approx 6 feet to align it with the trailer with no problems. I also did a little
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