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What would you do "Safety Discussion 17"


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Silverhawk tubeyellow.gif said:

The towing vehicle will be the next to be towed because of that type of abuse.


towmanjc said:

It's called being cheap!


carl4tow said:

look's like he's using the wheel lift to hold it up see shit like that all the time.


kerns tubeyellow.gif said:

Cant Fix stupid


REDD2 tubegreen.gif said:

Someone needs to understand safe working load limits and just because you can load it don't mean you should tow it.


mooresbp tubegreen.gif said:

I can't imagine doing that to a truck, either one!
George - Moore's BP
5towman tubeyellow.gif said:
That's just plain stupid. We get enough bad press without some idiot doing this. Hopefully he won't be around for long.
In Memory of NationalAutow tubegreen.gif who said:
This is beyond stupid.
A cop should pull him over and make him break it down.
Then, whomever hired him should be fired.
Then, the driver should be shot.
Can't fix stupid and we don't want it to multiply.
carl4tow said:
could be that's the owner of the truck.
Fetch said:
Its ok, its going to the scrapper anyways.
doingitall tubered.gif said:
I understand it sucks to have to tow your own equipment, but at least be professional and do it right ... even if it means calling a competitor.

This is just sad and wrong on so many levels.
In Memory of NationalAutow tubegreen.gif who said:
We had a competitor tow one of our rollbacks Saturday noght and he will pull it again in the morning to the transmission shop. We clearly do not have the capability in house.

People laugh at wreckers pulling wreckers but they breakdown too. Towers laugh when the competitor tows a truck.

Please have a laugh on us.

Considering that we are having a professional do the job with the proper equipment, we doubt you will find a picture of it in this forum. (Thank you James Jones of Visual Towing).
Muskegontowguy said:
If You have the presence of Mind to know the limitations of your companies Equipment and Subbed the Job out to a Company that's properly Equipped to handle such a Job. If it does show up in here there's nothing to be ashamed of. Wreckers are all mounted on Trucks, The same Year, make, and Models that we tow everyday with Boxes, Utility Bodies, Fire Bodies etc attached to them. They all break down sooner or later!!!
Santiam01 tubegold.gif said:
Nothing even needs to be said about how far out of "acceptable" this is. What I hate is how somebody who does this kind of stuff, then complains about the equipment, or the regulations, or claims the state association & or law enforcement is "out to get them"
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