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Blast from the past: Single & Looking for Tow Truck Woman

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FredsTowingnj originally created this topic in June of 2002:


and have tow truck loving children,LOL Any single women on here interested?

Fred Koch,Jr. WM#99805 Fred's Towing South River, NJ




Flora Wrecker said:

Here we go Ron. Might be time for a whole new forum.


FredsTowingnj  said:

LOL hey maybe its a good idea.

call it the Towing Personals.




anonnymoose said:

hey freddie ,
if ya find one that can cook ,send her here and i'll test her out fer ya .
good idea !!!


FredsTowingnj  said:

Hey Moose that might be asking too much.LOL I but if i find one that can its a deal.:-)




In Memory of chuckinfla who said:

Is this the prelude to another forum? I can see it now, the towing dating service. I wonder if it will catch on.


HEFFY004 said:

My youngest daughter, just left to go to the Brunswick area, for the night === to visit some former friends ( all graduated from Cook College ). She's 26, single, & about 4-10. If she breaks down, I will call you first for some road assistance.
Because I know ya & know how close you are to the area.

HA ??? Maybe, we should start a dating service forum.

Always thinking, HEFFY


FredsTowingnj  said:

Well its not working,no women knocking my door down yet.



In Memory of chuckinfla who said:

Don't worry the right woman will come along. Don't rush it.


FredsTowingnj  said:

Chuck, Who is rushing it? LOL



Freelance66 said:

I can attest it could take half of your life before finding the right one. For me there are not too many who know how to drive a truck, owns a Sportster and does all the other things (cooks and cleans). Did I mention she does NOT call all of the time???? Very independent (and a good shot). Good luck finding another like THAT!:d


TowZone said:

We're still trying to figure why this stud is single. Hey moose can you bring down a few of them UP gals next summer. Hold up Fred may not be able to wait that long. Road Trip may be nessasary, not third thought take youo time and get it right.


Freelance66 said:

Poor Fred, I really have no leads here. My youngest sister is still single, but relocating is not an option.....


Don said:

Hey freddy! I just had an idea. Hoow about one of my ex-wives? One can handle a rollback and the other can do body and paint repairs. Both of them have paid for houses. One has a Porsche, the other has a new Honda Accord. All kids are grown and gone. The latest one up in the country, has a house with swimming pool, 5 acres of land, and uh oh yeah, MY BASS BOAT!

Wait a minute! I just had another thought. I'll throw in a military rotator and a 94 Ford superduty rollback


FredsTowingnj  said:

Thanks Don, No Ex-Wifes LOL I got an old holmes 600 mines even got a strong arm on it.



KIm02 said:

Fred; I think you should request pictures of the wrecker & bass boat before you give Don a definite answer. LOL


FredsTowingnj  said:

LOL Kim i don't like bass boats.



Absolute said:

A towing dating service would be great, Just think, you would never have to break a new girl in on the late nights and long hours and how Sat night should be spent washing and waxing and installing new stobe's instead of dinner and a show, LOL They would automatically understand when we are late and when we have to leave early. And they said the pet rock was a dumb idea. LOL


Hartland Service said:

a towing dating service.....I can see it now..

be on scene in 30 mins or less.

spend no more then 12 dollars for the whole call...

membership costs 49.95 a year for the basic plan....

for a mere 20 more you can get the plus program.....which means a larger specimen for a date.......

oh this list needs to go on,,,,,


In Memory of chuckinfla who said:

Maybe we should Put an AD on Billboards across the country.

Seeking a wife for Fred.


Hartland Service said:

Or on milk cartons????



anonnymoose said:

ya always know ya got troubles when ya get up in da morning go to da fridge and see your own picture on da milk carton


In Memory of chuckinfla who said:

How about a National TV commercial?

EricGodard III said:

I think this on is best left alone.

Eric Godard


Hartland Service said:

the new soap for our industry...

As the wrecker turns.......



FredsTowingnj  said:

Maybe as the Sliding Rotators turns would be a better name LOL.Fred Koch,Jr.
Fred's Towing
South River,NJ




Freelance66 said:

Well we're waiting......

Any news yet on ending the single life????

Take some time off and come out to the Chicago show. I'll set ya up alright........


The only thing that really burns me is the wifees constant criticizing her OWN cooking. I'm already on da second helping and she is still going in for stuff I don't even care about!!!!

And she really does cook very fine....... I'm not just saying it......



Freelance66 said:

5 years later, any luck with the partner finding there Fred?
Not including the one that likes to use the belt that is.......


FredsTowingnj  said:

wow this is like 2002 vintage

Nah Steve no luck..........

Everyone i meet sees a tow truck and runs.

Geez Ron where was this post hiding?

I forgot about this i posted it so long ago.


TowZone said:

I certainly did not forget about it. I was saving it for just the right moment. If we don't get serious soon, then we will have to take up collection for a mall order bride. There is still a small fund we took up for Da Moose. We didn't find a bride cause the only ones that seemed interested lived in Siberia, but when they heard he was an animal they pasted. Guess they have plenty of Snow an Animals there.


RodVT said:

Yeah, and I bet you aren't 27 anymore, are ya Freddie?


FredsTowingnj  said:

Nope Rod i'm 26 now.



danielswt said:

dont ask how, but i found one that is good at everything ....even the cooking thingy.
now look where it got me, i'll married in 3 weeks



Kyresqtow said:

Daniel don't let her eat the cake http://www.tow411.net/images/emoticonarhaha.gif

The number one cause of divorce is marriage....http://www.tow411.net/images/emoticonarhaha.gif

Y'all were thinkin It I just said it.


TowinggirlFL said:

Well lets see, I am 34, I can cook and clean. I drive a tow truck.
One problem......... im married................ TO MY TRUCK LOL

gotcha Fred

Lake Park, FL


LAMB Towing said:

You're a BAD boy Daniel. You weren't supposed to find that out for 3 more weeks!


Matt Jarma said:

WANTED: Good woman who can cook, clean, do laundry and has rotator!! Please send pic of rotator!!

Matt Jarma
Temple, TX


twin bulls said:

LOL thats funny......

My wifes married....I can do what I want....

Just dont tell her...ok?


Littletow said:

This is hilarious!!! Just so you know Fred, it is not easy for single women in this business either...

I wish you luck! Angela


FredsTowingnj  said:

Its not easy for anyone.They says behind every successful business is a good woman.

Steve i might as well wait till March i'll be a young 33 years old.



Freelance66 said:

Sure just rub it in........



FredsTowingnj  said:

Wow LOL i was just looking threw some of the old posts i made and found this one.I almost forgot about this.I needed a good laugh to cheer me up.Hey and i still feel like i'm 27.But i realized i'm now 34 and i still have the same problem.LOL



Freelance66 said:

Just remember you are "trading up" on the problems. '

I do believe you saw just how hard it is to keep a little one in line. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to herd cats.......


In thoughts of IBFLATII said:

This is funny to read from all that time ago...

Yeah its hard to find someone who is interested in a life which rotates around the tow truck ...

I think I found one, just took me a few years to do it right though.


phxpksdave said:

Wifee and I will celebrate 30 this coming Feb.

She was a AAA member who had a Pinto that mysteriously kept coming down with numerous ailments.

It didn't take long for me to figure out my goose was cooked...No matter where I was...usually on the other side of town...I was the only one sent to rescue her.


Silverhawk said:

I regret I didn't have any friends to talk me out of it. LOL Three times now. I did have some friends that tried, but they gave up too soon.


Brian Bell said:

silverhawk, You lived too far away for us to come down there and keep you out of trouble. .... Now your way too far over there for us to get you into trouble.

Some folks just never learn. How long you been driving a wrecker? Nuff Said!!!!!!!



crackerking said:

This is a old post.....Any luck yet...If not come on down to Charlotte,N.C. I know some ladies here...Just make sure to bring plenty of money


Harpers Wrecker Service said:

LOL I'm not saying a word.


FredsTowingnj  said:

LOL no luck.I think its the fact that i live in New Jersey LOL



njChuck said:

I'm thinking reality show, instead of Scott Baio is 45 & Single, I think we should have Freddy is Single and has cool tow trucks, LOL What do you think Fred, if need be I'll be the camera man.


Brian Bell said:

Mike I saw this poster today at a gas station and just had to take a picture for you.... I thought it was pretty funny since I just read your post last night.





localtowie said:

Fred whats yah secret how have you been 27 for so long.....lol..

The fountain of youth....


twinbulls said:

You need a better add Looking for women with tow truck and impound yard .. send pics of tow truck....


Charlie Rittenhouse said:

my daughter is 27 beautiful and single, would you settle for a dispatcher? lol


bigtow00 said:

Have you not heard marriage is the number 1 cause of divorce?

Jason Ray


Eric said:

Hell this is funny.....I d take a dispatcher Charlie...That way I dont hav to answer phones..LOL...Eh I m 30 an single and its like fred said...They see the wrecker an run....LOl ....Towin personals would be nice..


FredsTowingnj  said:

Sure i'd settle for a dispatcher,I need one in the office now. I'm stuck dispatching and i'd rather be on the road. Send me some pictures lol.



Katkiller said:

Wow, This post is old. Where did you dig it up from?


local towie said;

Freds in the office and lonely again...


Harpers Wrecker Service said:

Fred its not just in Jersey its the same in Tennessee too ....lol


Muskegontowguy said:

I'm Sure there a Bunch of the guy's that would "Give" you their wives if you promised not to try to return them LOL

Greg Kowalski


Karlstowing said:

fred you beat me to this great idea lol hope it works out for you if it does im posting next.


bigtow00 said:

Fred, I am 31 and single. I like being single. Tried the married thing and did not like it. She spent money like there was no tomorrow. I got one now that has her own money and job and house. We grew up in the same town had alot of the same friends but had never met. We met online. She has just as hectic of a schedule as I do. Full time RN student during the week and a nurse on the weekend so she understands. Some weeks we did not even get to see each other but that is what works best for some people.

It is really hard to work with someone you are dating or married to. Most people can't make it work. Problems at work get carried home and problems at home get carried to work.

Try Eharmony............worked for me.

I think there is someone out there for everyone. Sometimes she is just hiding. You will find her where you least expect it. If you work like I do it is hard to find time to date and even harder to find someone who can understand your schedule but there is someone who will.
Of course then again I'm probably not a good person to take relationship advise from. I think divorce costs so much because its worth every dime.

Jason Ray


Unknown member said:

don't look for one just let it happen . knew this old guy wife died last year , this guy did not have a chance in world in ever meeting any one never went any were lived in little house trailer .

one day went to wallmart to get some thing backed into a car this guy is 65 years old looks like jed clampet beverly hill billys . this lady was on vacation from some were up north husband had been dead 10 years and she was rich

he told her to bring her car to his place and he would fix it took him a week to fix the car . in mean time they talked

she went back up north she called him he called her they got together last week they got married -- you figure . there has to be some one for ever body just quit looking .. you might be better off getting a puppy


Checkerwrk2 said:

Yea at least with a puppy you will get the girls coming up saying "Aw what a sweet puppy".


Silverhawk said:

And believe me, renting is cheaper than buying. LOL LOL LOL Good luck in your search. Not serious, just poking fun.


Harpers Wrecker Service said:

LOL, Elaine....thats funny




Just to note when this topic started there were just under 300 members when it ended there were more than 3000 members. Seven years later and there were around 7000 members. TowForce is working its way back to 7000 members.

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Okay, I finally found time to recreate and old topic related to the subject. Should have have gotten that Puppy back in 2009. LOL, I think you'll find a new gal by Christmas but you really need to keep up the walking exercises regardless how cold it is. Maybe get a shelter dog since your past the puppy stage and she may be a little older too. Talking about the gal.

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