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4x4 Pickup On Guardrail

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Originally Posted October 2006:


Received a call from Mass State Police to Rte. 140S S of exit 7 for a pickup truck that rolled over 2 or 3 times, went airborne, landed on top of the guardrail, and then ejected the driver. Our first ramp truck on the scene called for the rotator where as the pickup was leaking large amounts of gas and oil and the upright posts were sticking into the frame rails. We felt if we dragged it off that it could cause a spark, and possibly an explosion. We responded with our 60 ton rotator. We strapped the truck, lifted it off the guardrail, then onto the back of the ramp truck. Recovery time approx. 10 minutes. The vehicle was then transported back to our Freetown location.






mooresbp said:
how was the driver? Nice job BobGeorgeMoore's BP
We'll see you on down the road
George - Moore's BP
George the driver did not have his seat belt on so he when 75 feet into the wood line, he might not make it. Thanks BOB
Ed Barker said:
Hey I saw one of your rollbacks on an episode of "COPS" or "REAL STORIES of THE HIGHWAY PATROL" the other night.
Waffco Joe said:
The best way to recover it if you ask me.But here Indiana with the way our abandoned vehicle laws are. The insurance company would proably dump it on us. Good Job thanks for posting
Joe good morning, the insurance co. is paying the recovery bill an even if they didn t have full coverage the property damage portion on his basic policy would have to pay we have prevailed in the past on simular cases. thanks BOB
Da Wash Boss said:
Bob, great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am surprised you get paid for some of these jobs but hey if your getting paid god bless ya brother.
every job you guys do it always seems first class and nothing less. thanks for sharing the pics with us here.

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
Dan to get paid you need a good office staff,an a good lawyer. that has worked for us. thanks BOB
Da Wash Boss said:
yes bob your so right about that. i think its great you get paid for those jobs. i know here in connecticut insurance companies would fight you. example in this state the tow rates are based on the weight of the vehicle being recovered. even if you truly needed a heavy duty wrecker to recover a car from a ditch or whatever your out of luck. car recovery means car rates. good luck to you.

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
AllCountyTowing said:
at least here, we have a wrecker operator lien law, so either way you win... just takes a little time to catch up to people sometimes... but it does...
TowTrk1 said:
Danny, you are right, to a point. Not to take away from this post, but there are cases in CT where, with the proper documentation (photos), it was shown with little argument that a HD wrecker/ rotator, etc. was the best tool for the job, and being billed according to equipment used, the bill was paid. Again, it's all how you describe the work performed.
Da Wash Boss said:
yes Bill your correct about writing a proper and correct bill. I use to write the recovery bills for several companies and because of my knowledge they had no problem paying me a sweet percentage. One bill I wrote the wonderful towing assocation tried to make a lot of noise about it. It was a simple rollover an empty 53 footer eastbound on 84 in hartford and I wrote the bill with complete details and collected $18,000.00 for the job. This was back in 1997 and wow the towing assocation who should have been on the towing companies side was not. Anyways a detailed bill and we got paid but yet the towing assocation criticized us. So much for having an assocation on your side.

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
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