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Re: PPI's and Tower's with Guns


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For tow operators, tow owners or tow companies who conduct Private Property Impounds and carry concealed, the following link regards a homicide that occured in May where the alleged shooter was a tow business owner. The shooting occurred in Lakeland, Florida and happened the day-after the impound and during the release process at the tow yard. This video is a great training lesson.


Go to this link: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-ne-polk-county-illegal-towing-mobile-home-park-20210812-3eu2xad6lbfi3nrc4aaivdegba-story.html and listen to Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, slowly and completely detail the events that led to the shooting. Note that the tow owner and wife are being charged with as many as 21-violations for alleged illegal impound practices. Pay special attention to the "10-mile rule" that most states and municipalities include in their PPI laws.


This 25-minute video is perhaps the BEST narrative I've ever listened to as it regards the process of PPI's. Sheriff Grady provides an excellent breakdown of Florida's PPI laws and give a detail explaination of tower responsibilities and liability similar to other states. Could this shooting could have been prevented had the law been followed? You decide. If you conduct PPI's ... this video is must see TV.          R. 



Randall C. Resch

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Randall, can you believe I actually listened to the entire explanation? I would have watched it, but I had far too much to get done today. I did skip around when it sounded as though he was showing images of some importance.


But, the narrative explains it rather well to a tow truck operator or even a driver that has been involved in PPI's or not. The Sheriff has all the cards "Evidence" which relates to the business practices which lead up to the shooting. A shooting which as spelled out was not justified as stand your ground which the tow company owner had already convinced himself it would be prior to pulling the trigger.


Actually, it may have been prior to the event that he felt would be his justification should the event result in a "Use Of Force".


Everyone that carries a weapon of any type, should be aware of the numerous factors which must be present and you must present in your defense. This is always my fear that those who choose to carry have not gotten into the proper mindset and gotten the proper training. That weapon, be it a Gun, a Bat, A J-Hook is a Last Resort and not a First Reaction. It is a Last Resort and sometimes must be used when equal force is being presented.


Disclosure: I Open Carry, Conceal Carry Off Duty Only. I have given this much thought as up until a few years ago I had not carried on duty. With the way things have gone, the percentages of drivers who carry will likely increase every year. That is if the stories of drivers being shot continue to increase every year. It's just are reality and many companies which said they would never allow their drivers to carry are now rethinking that decision. "The Factors of Society are Causing Change" Right, Wrong, we can debate that at some point if you like. What is Right for one, may be Wrong for another.

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Great response Ron and I'd like others to chime in with their comments. Coming from California to the Tow Show in San Antonio, I saw many, many concealed carry persons and I like the concept of open carry. It's just a weird feeling seeing a concealed hand-gun sticking out from a hiked-up shirt ... so much for concealed carry right? You hit the nail on the proverbial head to mention the responsibilities and factors that come-down to a "last defense" shooting. But, in this case, a justifiable shooting will be hard to prevail.     R.


Randall C. Resch

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