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Heavy over-seas container rolled over.

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From September 2006:


Received a call from Mass State Police to respond to Rte. 24 @ Rte. 140 for a TT roll over accident. They stated the truck had a 40' container that was marked "super heavy" on it, and it was completely on its side.
Upon our arrival, we observed the mechanism that holds the trailer to the box was snapped off in the accident, so we decided to just roll the truck and the trailer over first, then handle the container with the two rotators and place it on our Landoll.
Total job time was around one hour. Both units were towed back to our Freetown Shop.











Bighook18 said:
Great work guys!!
Thanks for the pics
Todd Pell
Winnst said:
Did you guys find out how much the box weighed and what was in it?
-Mike - Winn Street Sales & Service
Big Wheel said:
there was 54000 in the box it was heavy but not to heavy for the taters
Dallas Horton said:
Nice rigging guys, keep up the good work._______________________
Unknown Member said:
Just curious as to wwhy you didn't just re-pin the container to the chassis and upright whole thing?

Thanks for Sharing
Big Wheel said:
Michael the locks were broke off there for to dangerous to mess with any other way an besides you have to think of the corporation to remain in bussiness today .Think safe an work safe an if you need additional equipment call a friend to help. Thanks BOB
mike scheidt said:
nice job i understand the locks broke we get them all the time we usually cross chain the top to the chassis sometimes you can't but why didn't you roll the container over before you loaded it on your lowboy.
Eric Godard CA said:
Nice looking job Robert!!
I am still trying to figure out how you stay so busy with the tators and still manage to keep them so clean for every photo!!!
Big Wheel Said:
Mike if you chained the container to the frame would I still need my loader or landoll ?
This listing developed 3 or 4 questioned ,an we all learn from the pictures an this goes to show that the same job can be accomplished in different ways, I try to answer most all the questions when it pertains to one of our recovery's. I think it is the right thing to do.
To answer your question about rolling the container first, every time a loaded trailer goes over an then you upright it all the weight is against the right wall, an solid loads tend to stay that way, in some cases there so unstable you have to open the doors an re-stack or remove most of the load,this extra time working in the street creates a safty problem for my crew as well as the State Police.My personal recommendation in a case like this is the load has settled the unit is stable lets load it an go then deal with it in our yard later on the clock.Just works for us, thanks BOB
Big Wheel Eric said:
to ANSWER your question we have a full time guy that all he does is clean the trucks and the shop thank god for him he is very busy.
I use to do it but times have changed my father has me doing more importing things like trying to make money for the cooperation.
SORRY Kauffs we didn't roll it there because we wanted to clear the ramp fast when we lifted it off we spun it and set it down it was
easy with out tying up the public anymore than we had to the job from start to finish was 45 min. THANKS Eric
Nick Ovenden said:
Bob, I understand your argument about the load and also about the locks breaking. I am always a little worried about lifting a fully loaded box on its side because the side panel is not as strong as the floor. Have you never had a problem with the side splitting out when you lift it?

Good trucks though, I would love to come and see your operation sometime.
Big Wheel said:
Nick we watched the center during the lift,it never saged at all, good question ,now all the members Know ,knowledge is power, thanks BOB
mike scheidt said:
bob as far as your fist question you said what would you do with your landol and your loader i didn't know that was what you need to do a rollover and i'm very aware of what a trailer looks like when you stand them up and very few times have i had to shift the load on a container and with a major port just 10 blocks from our yard its safe to say we do a lot of them i wasn't putting your recovery down it looked great i just thought you should have rolled the box and was wondering if there was a reason as far as time al it would take is to hook one cable to the diagonal hole on the box and when both trucks lifted it would be a controlled roll and lift all in one
Big Wheel said:
Mike mayby you didn t completely under stand my therie on this particular recovery,first of all I never thought that you were questioning my method.But we recently did a rolled over container filler to the roof with ceramac tile ,it was the heaviest thing we ever picked. After the unit was on it s wheels there was no way to move it off the road,the majority of the load was against the right wall causing the container to list hard to that side leaving only one sulution,open the doors an off load on the roadway into one of our trailers. By the way I did have one other alternative once I realized I was screwed I could have rolled it back over in front of 100 spectators an the police unlocked the dogs an lift it streight up onto my landoll,just like we did in the previous recovery.Thats why my loader which is transported on the landoll is on 95% of our major recoverys.We try to clear all accident seens as fast as possible an the best way is like many of the members call it is to dominate the casuality.If you have the proper equipment to safely do a heavy duty recovery then by all means use it,the insurance company will pay you every time if you document your recovery,take good pictures an save every recovery folder,all pictures an canceled checks for reference an uniform all charges . BOB


Da Wash Boss said:

Bob, WOW,,,, another great job by you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one here in Connecticut would have had that same job done in an hour that's for sure!!!
As always great pics and I enjoy looking at all the safety you guys put into every job. Wish there were more operations like yours around here, your a first class operation.

Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
Phxpksdave said:
I just asked HPG after complimenting them on their operation, to which I`ll ad you guys of course great, well thought out operation as I can see if the containers ever come loose. Obviously they do. I`ll also ad your Firm to the Discovery Channel show on Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery. ( Think Positive)
Heavy Towman 12 said:
Job well done men! I to have had containers that won't ride right after righting them. Every case is different. Took them and tilted them back the other way on and off their chases. Loaded them on our lowboy & Landoll before upright and on their side.On their roof even. Righted them loaded and every thing was fine.Bob keep doing things the way you have been doing them. I think you have made out well with the way you do things. Even though some do things a little differently.FL
I'm with you BigWheel, whenever possible I dominate the casualty also. Put it in football or battlefield terms where most dudes (and some dudettes) will understand, I'm not gonna take out my 260 lb. fullback just because your largest linebacker is only 245 lbs, or "hey, lets not use our large artillery, our enemy only has a 4 inch mortar".I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
Unknown Member said:
Super Heavy or Super Tainer is the same thing it is an ISO code for shipping containers. It does not mean that it is heavy per say it just means it has a higher max gross weight. A Standard 40' max gross is 57,400 lbs and a Super Heavys max gross weight 68,200 lb
Bigwheel said:
Brian, your correct,but all my years an a little worldly experience tells me to treat it as it s labeled. If hazardous, were using protective gear,if something is labeled high voltage another set of precautions.Trust me this container was labeled correct. Thanks, I knew the container was built a little heavier but I wasn sure how much more it was rated for. BOB
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