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Tow Truck Driver Is Mad! 3 Trains Block Crossing For Over An Hour!

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YouTube Video Narrative:


3 trains passing in a row block railroad crossing for an hour and 20 minutes!


Longest train ever stops across the road and a tow truck driver got mad. This train emptied the yard son!


These trains are in Elmwood Place, Ohio on an ex Baltimore & Ohio Railroad mainline running out of Queensgate Yard, Cincinnati. Around the 13:46 mark you can hear me talking to a tow truck driver who was really upset about waiting for the trains and was complaining to me. I didn't show him because I didn't want to get him anymore upset but you can see him drive past me at 14:30 to turn around. Dozens of trucks and cars had to find other ways around the trains. This is one of the steep crossings that was recommended for me to film by my fans.


It's not as steep as it use to be since it was completely redone in 2019. This crossing has 4 tracks and gets trains from CSX, Norfolk Southern and Amtrak. This is actually a pretty good place to watch trains with pubic sidewalks and parking on side streets. Check out the awesome 4 axel EMD Geeps that were on the CSX local doing yard switching at the crossing.


Elmwood Place is just north of Cincinnati and Queensgate Yard is just south of here. The tracks run north and south and the first train was southbound and waiting to get into Queensgate Yard. Elmwood Place is just to the north of Proctor & Gamble. There are a lot of homes that face the tracks here but if I lived here I would have to remove some of the trees so that I could see the trains better. Lol. Filmed June 1, 2021.


State Regulations on Blocked Crossings: Interactive Map



In Closing: The Rail Road Industry spends Millions of Dollars a year Lobbying to reduce or eliminate Federal Laws. These laws include the length of trains and the duration of rail road crossings blocked times. State and Local Laws which are set or being enacted to combat this problem have been unsuccessful and are preempted by Federal Law.


So, it looks like this problem which does not only interfere with residence it also effects commercial business as well as first responder is only going to get worse. You ask would the railroad be held responsible if a death occurred because a first responder was delayed, no because federal law does not regulate the length or duration of the train.


What are your thought's, what is the worse railroad crossing in your neck of the woods?


How long can you expect to wait at that crossing and how far is it to go around (Over/Under)?

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