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Quite A Ride!

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in October of 2007:


After our road trip on Saturday to the Ohio tow show, this morning we got the chance to try out our new rotator. We received a customer request for a rolled over, loaded, tractor trailer, The scene is a single lane hiway off-ramp with a very steep drop off. this ramp is a little deceiving and the bend tightens up as you get into it and very quickly, you can be going too fast. Loaded with 36,000 lbs of auto parts, this tractor trailer rolled onto its right side, started to slide down the embankment and then the top edge caught in the dirt and continued to roll onto its roof and then onto its left side near the bottom of the ditch. The front corners & the roof of the trailer were damaged as well as both sides of the tractor & its hood was no longer attached.

We strapped the trailer & briefly tried to do a reverse roll, it it quickly beacme obvious that it was too far away from us to be able to raise it to its wheels this way. Breaking out the air bags was next and it was soon on its wheels with 3 straps gently lower it down. A drainage culvert very close to the front of the tractor dictade that the front end come around and up very quickly to clear.

We placed our Autocar/CH6807 on the front to do the major winching up and also placed our LTL/45 ton NRC between the 2 Autocars to help winch a bit, but mainly to hold while the the 6807 was repositioned a few times on the narrow ramp. Our Autocar rotator had 3 straps to the trailer's far side and was used to keep the trailer upright, and was able to follow around the path that the tractor took up the very steep embankment. For a while, the trailer's right side wheels were in the air, being held there by the tator. The fuel tanks wanted to dig in to the road surface as it reached the top but lifting with the a boom winch line while pulling with the drag winch kepted the fuel tanks from ever touching asphalt. It was unuaually hot today (91 degrees) and took us a few hours, but the job was completed without any further damage to the tractor, trailer or its cargo. Once on the roadway, we dropped the trailer & pinned one of our tractors to it for the ride to our yard since the wrecked tractor's 5th wheel was heavily damaged. Our new rotator also performed beautifully on its first job!

Our pair of Autocars































Jerrys Road Service said:

Sweet a$$ Rotator great pics thx for sharing

Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca


allenstowing said:

looks great ! that auto car turned out perfect!


jhook5230 said:

what brand of rotator is that??? looks like it has a zack on the back!


Ed Barker said:

Very nice job and the tator looks great. Take care,Ed


FOXTOW82 said:

Nice job! Also was a pleasure meeting you at the Ohio Tow Show. The rotator is one awesome piece of equipment you have and a must see in person to appreciate all the detail that you guys put into that truck while building it. Thanks for sharing,




pttowguy said:

Thanks for the comments guys!

It was great to meet you Jared and see your great equipment as well!

Louis, we built this rotator ourselves and yes it has a Zacklift on the back.



Bret Holcombe said:

love the Autocar they're a beast


Muskegon Towguy said:

I like these pics of it Better





Taken at the 2007 Ohio Tow Show!


pttowguy said:

This side of the truck looked good too Greg!




FOXTOW82 said:

I didn't see her there? I want one of those for my HD truck!!!




Muskengon Towguy said:

She made it back after she changed huh?:


Bret Holcombe said:

Wow i must say ;What a pair **those front axles are awesome thanks for sharing!!!!!!


Dualie said:

WOW. That A car is an awesome unit. Also comes with a heck of a seat cover!

You should be proud of that unit.


Mr Waialae Chevron said:

I was sure that truck came fully equipped...now I'm convinced!

Oh, BTW....I have a belt available if anyone needs one...just an innocent observation.


Muskengon Towguy said:

Spoke with this young lady after taking the pics there's actually know how built in there too!!! she wrenches a little bit at her families auto repair and towing bus. and wants to get into the trucks. (Where were these when I was her age??????)


Heavytowman12 said:

Myers you sure know how to trim out a truck!


michael212 said:

Ya Baby.......She's Groovey............. Oh and nice truck too..................



brostow13 said:

Wow I didn't think you could improve on that tator ........I stand corrected .By the way nice recovery and pics ,thanks .


Martin Ganley said:

could definitely use a pair of these in my sleeper uh I meant my truck....LOL


Byron Coleman said:

She definetly makes your unit stand out!!!


autoexpresstow69 said:

see what happens when you got the big stick!.....lol..that thing is gonna give someone nightmares......lol


Rotator60 said:

My Century didn't come with one of those!!..

Awesome display of power on that recovery..

Very nice rigging..Thanks for sharing..


flcowboyiniraq said:

are all those axles drive axles? that is an awsome truck!! very strond display of power on that recovery. thanks for sharing. what would you say the toonage is on that unit?

john fenshaw
lakeland fl
tikrit iraq


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Michigan International Speedway - Race Recovery Team Member



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