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What would you do "Safety Discussion 8"

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17 Dec 2014 20:44

Safety Discussion 8 Image.



silverhawk said:

Then poor motor-coach at the first turn.  Is this photo shopped?

If not, the operator needs to be jailed for stupidity?


In Memory of NationalAutow who commented:

But the salesman at the wrecker store said I could tow 2 at once.

Oh yeah and:

What safety chains? It ain't goin nowhere. Hell, I tow em like that all the time. I been doin it like that ever since I started in this business. (2 weeks ago)


Sirknucklehead said:

Wow....that's a pretty large load for such a small truck. Not a very smart operator at all. Might be able to move it, but good luck stopping or turning.


huskertow said:

I don't know whether to think wow that's unsafe, or be impressed that they are towing that much with a flatbed. Maybe a little of both, but I would never even consider trying to do that.


rreschran said:

This IS a motor cop's fantasy ... just sign on the dotted line if ya' think unsafe load is applicable,NO wheel restraint straps, NO rearward safety chains, NO evidence of extension lights? If the usual citation form has 9-lines for entries, Hmmmmm; what else could be added to the cite?


In Memory of NationalAutow who commented:

If I understand Tennessee law correctly, and there is a damn good chance that I do not, if a lawful officer stops you for an apparent violation, and he has reason to believe or does believe that the issuance of a citation will NOT stop the illegal activity, he is then REQUIRED to make a physical arrest as opposed to just issuing a ticket.

If I were the cop, and it were up to me, I would certainly stop this activity. I think I would do all within my authority to see that it did not continue. Hello, dispatch? Send me 3 medium duty wreckers from rotation. I have 3 going to impound.


carl4tow said:

not knowing the gvw of the truck i think maybe the motorhome on the deck mite be ok but me i would do 2 loads with my wrecker


oldtow said:

Now, Now, Now, that's the way they taught me to do it in "Tow Truck Driving School" ............. 

I posted this picture in the Driver's Room with a note under it that said: "Try It Once Cause You Wont Have A Second Chance Here"!


mooresbp said:

I would agree that the one on the deck would be ok by itself if it isn't too tall with that AC unit. the one on behind ,well oh my It is just wrong with that deck.
George - Moore's BP
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