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Too BIG!


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17 Dec 2006 07:07

WADE200 said:
We were playing around in the yard the other day and well...
I didn't go anywhere with this, I just wanted to show it can be lifted and quite easily to be honest. It's really not even that much over weight. I was grossing around 35-36,000 on a 33,000 chassis.
Daniel Wade
slimsanta said:
Interesting, very interesting.Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD
danielswt said:
"too big" i don't think i have ever heard you say that before?? hopefully you didn't open up too big of a can of worms with this one. southwestsig.jpg
Bigjer229 said:
now that is different
tommytows said:
dont tempt him, he might just do that LOL , how many miles is on that "show truck" now ?
Wade200 said:
Only 130,000. After doing the show seen for a few years I finally had to start working it hard.
Daniel Wade
Da Wash Boss said:
dealer sees picture,,,,,, warranty now void,,,, lol lol. nice looking truck both of them are nice.
Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
Wade200 said:
That truck is 4 years old so warranty is not an issue...of course, I think most warranty cards would serve a better purpose as toliet paper.
At least with every truck we have purchased this has been true.

Why would putting 1,000 lbs over it's rated limit void the warranty?
Daniel Wade
hookin29 said:
Now that is a n awsome pic!!!!!!!


Stapleytowin said:

Yeah, that's awesome. Finally somebody to take the heat off my "big ice cream truck" post that raised so much dispute LOL
Looks cool
SUPERIOR35 said:
Only a little over gross. But I bet the rear axle weight is really out there.
Wade200 said:
Actually my steer axle was heavy. Most of the weight was on the front of my bed, you could tell the front tires were loaded.
Daniel Wade
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