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Not Towing Related: California is the TRUE?


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I'll tackle this one Ron, short and sweet. While I try not to get involved in politics, there are solid reasons this state has declined in popularity and it will continue to decline. Having been California born, raised and resided in San Diego for nearly 70-years, I've seen the same growing pains this young man's talking about. California was a wonderful state to live-in primarily due to its weather and low-level crime. If I were to have my way, I'd head to some small, idyllic, historic town on the east coast or live somewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee. But, look at the turmoil there stemming from All-Lives Matter, Some-Lives Matter, This-Life Matter's, That-Life Matters, etc. I won't subject my family to that.    


Californa's state of affairs, political and otherwise, DOES have a huge impact in huge taxation and regulation for all companies, tower's included. Especially true is California's Air Resource Board's requirement ordering manufacturers of medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial trucks to begin selling zero-emission versions in 2024, with 100,000 sold in California by 2030 and 300,000 by 2035. That means tow trucks of all sizes will be phased-out to support qir quality requlations. Can you afford to phase-out your entire fleet to meet these requirements? If you're a California tower in for the long-haul, this requirement will reach your doors.


"It's NOT getting better", is the war-cry for California's future. Although, while Mr. Shapiro isn't far off in his assessment of his choice to bail from California, I'll ask, "What American city hasn't been effected by crime, home-less, over-population, racism, drugs, gangs, high-prices etc?" Add, lack of funds to protect those uneven values and defunding law enforcement will only create greater crime and urban decline. Why do you think people come from everywhere to live in California? Perhaps it's the weather, or, does the state make it easy for people to live on the streets and decimate public programs like welfare, unemployment, EBT and others?  


But, having travelled extensively across the US going to tow shows and doing the tourist thing, California is my home where I do my best to dip and dodge it's problems. I've ridden my motorcycle on America's backroads to see that even rural America is in a sever state of decline. To sray in Californa (for me) may be me having set, my "roots", or, feeling the apprehension of moving to some even worse, "Shit-hole", city. Accordingly, remember this, if someone like Mr. Shapiro sells his expensive California home to move to some other city across America, unless he has a Golden Pony at his disposal, the average person WON'T be able to afford the cost of returning to the state.


For me, I do the best I can with what I have to keep our family, safe, happy and thriving. I'm involved with community and do my best to fit-in amongst my neighbors by following prevailing laws and the direction of community I reside. That in itself in a full-time job. Until such time "life and circumstances" dictates where I reside, I choose to remain in California BECAUSE, "The grass AIN'T greener on the other side." Videos like this one may have an aire of validity, but how can they help in a positive manner? To Mr. Shapio, I say, "Bye Bye", in supporting his packing-up his family to get out of California. I'll find his leaving as the first positive step in lowering California's already staggering population.           R.

Randall C. Resch

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