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Late model box truck roll over

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20 Sep 2006 23:08


Received a call from Middleboro State Police to respond to rte. 495N, 2 miles S of rte. 44 for a large box truck that rolled over in the left median. Apparantly someone in a Dodge Van was traveling at an access of 100 mph, ran into the back of the truck, which in turn caused the driver to lose control and roll over. We responded with our rotator. Upon arrival, we had to cut a large amount of trees that were entangled into the truck and truck box. We then slid the truck down off the embankment, then uprighted it and transported it back to our Freetown location.













Phillips Towing 202 said:
Nice job guys!!!
05Champ said:
nice job, and pics.
Just wondering tho why 2 tators for an empty box truck?
Westlake Towing said:
Forget about the recovery I'm impressed with the picture quality. BigWheel what type of camera are you using? The pictures are very good.
wreckerman05 said:
that box truck hadnt even gotten dirty yet-it must of been almost new--good job-you guys get-r-done--
BigWheelRecovery said:
Dave the second Tater was returning from another tow an swung in to assist at no charge for the tater just extra man.
Scott Burrows said:
Saw the gusher of red (antifreeze?) fluid in one of the pictures; does your state or locality give you grief over a fluid release like this?

Some local fire departments go 911 ballistic when this happens around here.
BigWheelRecovery said:
The second rotator was used because in the pictures you can see how easy it made it and when the state police call us they just say you have a truck rolled over in the woods they don't say if it is loaded or empty so we just asume it is loaded because they don't usually don't roll over empty and two make it simple believe me a lot less rigging and less time thank everyone for the comments.
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