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Ernies old school (from 2006)


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03 Apr 2006 03:12

Chuck with Noltes added some pics from Ernies 06 calendar:
My favorite:
Noltes, Oshkosh, WI
50 tons of fun.
WM 99887
pttowguy said:
I received my Ernie's callender a couple of weeks ago and it is full of awesome pictures!! myerssig1.jpg
auto rescue said:
My 4024 came from this stable.
Michael212 said:
Priceless...... Just Priceless.
Underdog said:
Those are some awesome pictures. I knew Ernie's had a first class operation, but was not aware of the history.
Stay safe, Rich. Underdog Truck Service
TOwBoY88 said:
I got the calendar as well.
We bought an Autocar w/ 925 from them back in the 80's...was a great winching truck...
FMS Mike said:
Love those rigs!!! I remember as a kid looking through my World's greatest Tow Truck books and loving those bright red rigs from Ernies

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The first photo reminds me of our B61 Mack I operated in the late 70s.., about the same wheelbase with a Holmes 600...slow but a towing & winching beast!

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