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Re: Riot Insurance - Are You Covered?

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Grumps brings-up a really good question regarding insurance asking, "I am curious if that companies insurance can or will do anything for damages or loss?" If you've responded to tow requests or police impounds in areas of civil unrest, this might be of importance to you.    


Since riots are one of those situations that rarely occur, is there someone on TowForce who handles insurance for tow companies who can provide a brief (defining) explaination to his question? In a recent conversation with some tow owners, one casually commented that rioting behaviour is an, "Act of God." While I'm not so sure about that (?) "riot damage", falls into one of those wierd non-coverage catageories, like, a thief coming over your tow yard's fence to steal and vandalize lien sale vehicles belonging to the tow company. Like Ron posted elsewhere, what about the police that's on your carrier's deck that gets damaged in-transport or is shot at at some drive-by action? The damages weren't cause by the actions of the tow operator. Is that damage covered?


And, if you look at the (dangerous) future of towing that may take you and your tow truck into the proverbial war zone, do you have coverage for you, your trucks and equipment? Worse yet, are you covered if you're slowly driving through an unruly crowd and someone accidentally is run-over, OR, some inciter jumps on your truck's hood only to fall off and crack their head? Don't disgard these possibilities as, "Too bad sooo Sad". If a burglar can sue for being injured on your property during the act of burglary, OR, a would be robber sues for the bullet wounds you inflicted trying to protect your storefront, a civil suit can be levied against you.  Stranger things have happened, especially in California?


At least, make a call to your insurance provider and ask about your current coverage. Are you sufficiently covered for the work you do and wherer you go?  R.

Randall C. Resch

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