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  1. Looking for opinions. who have power inverters instaled in your truck??. How many watts? im looking basically to recharge my cordless tools im gonna try 2 rapid chargers at the same time. My tools are flexvolt and maybe use run some led lights ocassionally. Im thinking in a 2000 watts at least. brand ? What dou you think? Modified Sine Wave or pure sine wave? thanks for share your experience
  2. Thank you for the advice
  3. Hi looking for some coments based in your experince. I adding some tools to my tow truck and days ago i order a flexvolt sawzall looking for the best blade i can purchase to cut lets say a guardrail. I have a flexvolt grinder too but in this ocassion im looking for blades. I order some diablo carbide thick carbide ds0608cf and diablo bi metal 1/16 to 5/16 and diablo nail embedded wood& metal 3/32 to 5/16 (9 inch) but looking to other options too anyone have experience with other brands? cant wait to arrive the machine to test it! thanks for share your experience
  4. Wow looks so good!!! love the holmes 750 power! pure brutus muscle just curious whats the wheelbase? looks like a long truck
  5. Nobody has any idea??
  6. Please help me to identify this crane. I cant find any plate model number or specs. Thanks for the help Lucas
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