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  1. Thanks to all who share their knowledge. Just to be clear , in my country (Panama) things are little different. I am a person that always try to be most prepared possibly. The ideal situation is just go grab the car and go, but sometimes we all know its not work that way. If a semi or a tractor trailer gets stuck between the guardrail theres nobody from DOT or transit or fire rescue to free the car, must be me. The only way if they are a person trapped inside the car firefighters takes the job and proceed, but only to save the live not to free the car for the wrecker service if not they dont touch the car. And i agree 100% im always try to release the bolts on the guardrail first to try to free the car and works great but not always is possibly. So in my truck im carry a flexvolt sawzall and a grinder too. And im curious if anyone has cut the guardrail with the sawzall. I bought some diablo blades thick metal and in past days i test the blades but i think that are not the correct blade for the task i think they are too agressive because the sawzall vibrates alot. Maybe i need something less agressive lets say a blade with 14 tpi. So with the grinder if cut well but i read that fumes are not healthy so i try to avoid the most possibly. In my free time i go to my shop and try to practice the most possibly to be prepared. Again the ideal situation is just grab and go but in the towing bussines not always happen that way. Glad to hear experiences for the towbrothers around the world. The other thing to consider is when an accident happening the guardrail have a lot of pressure i need to find a way to cut throught the metal trying to avoid get the blade stuck between the metal. Lets see, i have experiments to do in this week lol. Thanks to all and sorry if you read something weird english is not my primary language Greets.
  2. Hi all. Looking for tips and opinions. Is there anyone here that use a sawzall to cut a (W) guardrail during a recovery? I have a Dewalt flexvolt Sawzall and i was wonder if i can cutt a guardrail with a carbide blade lets say a diablo blade. I have the Dewalt flexvolt grinder too but i was reading about the the creation of zinc chloride/metal fume fever when using tools that cause high heat so i prefer to avoid this if is possibly Maybe anyone here have a picture or a video or tips. thanks in advance
  3. Looking for opinions. who have power inverters instaled in your truck??. How many watts? im looking basically to recharge my cordless tools im gonna try 2 rapid chargers at the same time. My tools are flexvolt and maybe use run some led lights ocassionally. Im thinking in a 2000 watts at least. brand ? What dou you think? Modified Sine Wave or pure sine wave? thanks for share your experience
  4. Thank you for the advice
  5. Hi looking for some coments based in your experince. I adding some tools to my tow truck and days ago i order a flexvolt sawzall looking for the best blade i can purchase to cut lets say a guardrail. I have a flexvolt grinder too but in this ocassion im looking for blades. I order some diablo carbide thick carbide ds0608cf and diablo bi metal 1/16 to 5/16 and diablo nail embedded wood& metal 3/32 to 5/16 (9 inch) but looking to other options too anyone have experience with other brands? cant wait to arrive the machine to test it! thanks for share your experience
  6. Wow looks so good!!! love the holmes 750 power! pure brutus muscle just curious whats the wheelbase? looks like a long truck
  7. Nobody has any idea??
  8. Please help me to identify this crane. I cant find any plate model number or specs. Thanks for the help Lucas
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