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  1. Sorry, I don’t exactly know how this got here...random post from instagram got posted here...
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2004: Truck I learned to drive in. We won't mention how old I was when Dad said, "Get Over, your in my seat". Of course it was still plain white and short wheel base. Not the pretty thing it is now. Chuck jerrys garage said: NICE, got to love the old iron. Jerry FredsTowingnj said: Very Nice Fred Koch,Jr. Wreckmaster#99805 - Traa Ct#8216 Fred's Towing - South River,NJ letsplay2 said: Looks like a real workhorse... Keep up the great shots of these beasts... Devin hanson MA said: Very nice,what's it got for a drive train? Kevin ChuckTWT said: If I remember right it has a 300hp Cummins with a 10 speed. Well over 1,000,000 in the late '80's. Redone completly when the frame was streched and repainted. Spanky said: Are both pictures, of the same truck. If so, wheelbase was stretched. Nice 'ol Pete. Spanky Hardy........Collector Of Fine Old G.M. COE Trucks & Antique Holmes Wreckers. Gale25yrs said: That looks like a Don Heinz Stick from Continental Towing in Southern California. Mighty nice looking rig. DW Carter said: That's a neat looking truck.DW Carter WM92343 ChuckTWT said: It is a Don Heins truck. My Dad worked for Don for about 20 years both in Bakersfield and Frazier Park, California. When Don's son-in-law struck out on his own Dad went with him. The '49 was unit #2. Although Continental is not who I would think of when I think of Don Heins. His company is South Union Body Works in Bakersfield, Ca. He patented the design and built for whoever wanted one. I went on a deleivery to Pheniox, AZ and have seen one as far east as East Tennessee. Okay rambled enough! Chuck P.S. yes it is the same truck in both photos. Gale25yrs said: I only remembered seeing the Continental units in Tow Times, I didnt know Don was a separate entity until now. Years ago there was one in Oregon. Last time I saw it Speeds was trying to sell it. geno54 said: Is that the same as a "Bakersfield Stick"? ChuckTWT said: I have never heard the term "Bakersfield Stick" But I would have to say yes it is. Bakersfield is the base of operations for Don Heins. timstruckservice said: That is a good lookin old truck ! I remember seeing a unit with the bed & boom assy. that looked identical on the east side of Cleveland OH. back in the 80's on a Freightliner chassis. Nothin beats them oldies ! hpgtowing said: Nice truck.... I just love that old iron...... How many new trucks do ya think you will see still working 20 years from now? Steve holmes2miller said: I was the last to driver the Old Girl as a Tow Truck. 335 CUMMINGS, 13 SPEED, 4.11 GEARS, W/ GEAR DRIVEN TWIN 45 TULSA. The truck is now a short 2 axle tractor located in Stigler, OK. The back end of the truck was put on a newer chassis around 1993. Converting everything over the hyd. 65 and a 45 ton tulsa. Chuck I'll get you some pictures as soon as I can! ChuckTWT said: holmes2miller, shoot me an e-mail, I would like tro know where this truck is. And if you could fill in your profile, we like to know who we are talking to. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. holmes2miller said: Chuck , this is Benny with Jims towing up here in lebec
  3. Good day to all from bakersfield, CA Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Chuck Rotator operator, supervisor, manager, HazMat, safety and policy Ten West Towing Bakersfield, CA
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