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  1. Hi Joe - thanks for your order! We hope you find our product tackles whatever mess you get yourself into. Stay clean and safe out there! Your friends at GRIME BOSS Wipes.
  2. Hi All - we had the pleasure to meet up with many in the towing community at NTEA Work Truck Show and were surprised at how many needed but didn't have a quick, convenient and effective way to keep everything clean on calls. GRIME BOSS wipes offer that - Our pre-moistened wipes that are Big, Strong and designed to wipe up Grease, Oil, Fluids, Adhesives and other gunk from hands, tools and even trucks. They use NO HARSH CHEMICALS are SAFE ON SKIN and are MADE IN THE USA. We even make a variety that disinfects surfaces by killing germs and viruses. You can buy them factory direct at www.grimeboss.com/all-products. We hope to find a following among the tow community by keeping you safe and clean on the job!
  3. Hi All - it's great to be a new member of the TowForce Community! I'm with Nice-Pak Products, a US manufacturer of a product I think you'll find helpful now - wet wipes! We make wipes for keeping hands, tools, surfaces and trucks clean. I'm happy to answer questions about how to do that with our products. https://www.grimeboss.com/all-products
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