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  1. Out of the shop, ready for some testing soon and then ready for your colors.
  2. These units cash and carry will run $17,500 if you would like a formal quote dont hesitate to call me at 613-862-1625. Thanks Al
  3. Just Landed Metro Tow Trucks XP-HD 44,000 LB Planetary Winch Standard Options: 2x Cast D - Rings Hydraulic Stiff Legs Flipper Feet - 44,000 lb Planetary Winch - Optional: Remote Valve Body - Wire Rope - Synthetic Rope - Cast D-Rings *Requires minimum of 37 inches of clear frame space to mount. Weight: 2800 lb +/- 5% with no oil or wire rope
  4. Well someone will be starting out the new year in an exciting way. Congratulations to Atlantic Truck & Trailer of Newfoundland Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ on their 3rd Piece of Metro Equipment & on your New Metro Tow Trucks RTR-50-SL 5 Winch. A Great Milestone set in the new year We look forward to watching the build on your Twin Steer Western Star. Thanks for a Great Trade in that will also be heading to Maine USA in the New Year.
  5. Something Bright and Uplifting to help Brighten up your Tuesday. Big Red Metro Tow Trucks RTR-50-SL at Kleine Towing - New Mexico.
  6. Our latest acquisition here at Metro Tow Trucks stay tuned for her make over!
  7. A very Big Thank You to the entire Mother's Recovery team on their new Metro Tow Trucks RTR-25-SL Thank you for putting your trust in us with this unit, had a great time demoing the unit before handing the keys off. And another big thank you to Cord Reside and Matt Hansen for your hospitality while I was here hope I can return the favor one day!
  8. We are almost all set up in both #971 at the American Towman Expo 2019 Atlantic City,NJ , stop by the Metro Tow Trucks Booth for a look at our 25 Ton Sliding Rotator and our 35 Ton integrated units. We will also have some amazing deals on axle cap covers, lockout kits, Rim Slings and some great Metro Promotional items! Looking forward to meeting you all there!
  9. Up for grabs is a Metro Tow Truck's INT-35 on a extra clean well maintained International Eagle. - 3 stage 136 inch wheel lift - 2 stage recovery boom - dual 44,000 lb winches - NEW aluminum body - New tires all around - Cat Motor - 15 speed - comes equipped with basic forks and chains Asking $140,000 USD OBO Truck is turn key ready to work no leaks, great unit traded in for Rotator. Call me at 613-862-1625
  10. , Call me to hear about our fully loaded Metro Tow Trucks INT-35 Specials for the end of the year 613-862-1625!
  11. This is Joe's second unit from Metro Tow Trucks. We are very thankful for your repeat business and very proud to see your business grow the way it has. What better way to break in your brand new wrecker with none other than a wreck on the way home. Just 15 minutes from when he left I got a call telling me to get my butt up there to help him out! That will definitely be a good memory to look back on. Thanks again and cheers to more growth, health, and success, hard work pays off
  12. Gulf Coast Towing, showing us what that Metro Tow Trucks RTR-70-SL is Made of... Jack Kerns said if you Got the stick Use It
  13. A few photos from Metro tow trucks first show at the American towman Expo in Las Vegas we had a great time and we hope to visit again next year! at the show we had an RTR-50-SL and MDTU-20 on display, Any questions feel free to reach out to us toll-free at 1 866-924-1675 or my direct cell 613-862-1625! Thanks Al Sent from my SM-N960W using TowForce mobile app
  14. On their New Metro Tow Truck's MDTU-35 equipped with a 35,000lb Xp Sidepuller and rear extendable outriggers! We will call this unit the Bigg Boy Edition! The MDTU-35 is equipped standard with an extendable boom, flipper feet stiff legs and a 144" under reach. As with all Metro detachables The unit quickly separates from its tractor unit to accommodate a trailer. The MDTU-35's versatility for both towing and recovery combined with its affordability is quickly making it the most popular quick swap Towing Unit on the market. Your dollar always goes further with Metro!
  15. This all new Metro Tow Trucks INT-60 is unpacked and getting ready to head to hits new home tomorrow! Opinions and suggestions always welcome let me know what you think!
  16. You missed a Great Deal on a used MDTU-20 that will be heading to the Quebec Side of Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
  17. This 25,000 lb Metro XP-M is Idaho Bound!
  18. Hello All, We currently have a great opportunity to own and take immediate delivery of a Brand New Metro Tow Trucks RTR-25-SL. This unit is fully loaded and includes: 2019 Metro RTR-25 SL 1. 4x 25,000 lbs Planetary winches 2. 1x 25,000 lbs Drag Winch 3. Metro Aluminum Body 4. 2 X Standard Hydraulic Valve bodies 5. 2 x Wireless Remote (4 functions for Under lift and Drag Winch, 8 function Wrecker) 6. Metro Standard Fork Package 7. 1 Set Receivers 8. 2-Stage Boom 9. Sliding Boom Configuration – 10. 3-Stage Under lift – 11. 3-Stage Outriggers 12. Metro OEM wiring harness 13. Standard LED lights 14. Light Pylon 15. Tunnel Tool Box For more details please call me at +1-613-862-1625 Thanks for the interest, Al Sent from my SM-N960W using TowForce mobile app
  19. A Big Congratulations To Duncan Cooper and the team at Cornwall Towing on receiving their 2019 Metro Tow Trucks RTR-25-SL! Even had the chief with me to deliver the unit, we look forward to seeing this unit working the 401 corridor on Heavy Rescue 401 stay tuned for progress pictures! Michael your HRV-70 is a beast
  20. I had a great adventure into the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡², whenever I am able too I like to personally deliver these new wreckers. Getting a new wrecker is a huge milestone for many and does not happen all that often. I want to congratulate Donald and Brian Miller on their new Metro Tow Trucks INT-16. Look at the size comparison to that 30 ton would you, Those boys are hard workers we had the unit mounted within one hour of showing up! Also want to thank Vreeland and his son Jacob Tyler Wood for the hospitality and showing me around their shop and their amazing car collection! They put a superior finish on that Metro INT-35 and it's really uplifting to see the effort they put into the Metro Product. Last but not least I have to thank my Buddy Micheal Litwak and his dad for helping me get this forklift loaded. Unfortunately I decommissioned Mike on this job when he rolled his ankle. Thanks for always being there ready to lend a hand. A Big thanks to the Metro Family and stay tuned for some new projects coming and enjoy the photos!
  21. The Metro Tow Trucks RTR-25-SL offers up all the versatility you can ask out of a 25 ton Wrecker! . . . Need an affordable light weight towing/recovery vehicle? Your contract requires a 25 ton rating and up, look no further... Here she is The Metro RTR-25-SL comes equipped with 4 25,000 lb winches, a 360 degree continuous rotating and sliding 6 sided boom. This unit truly offers the best of both worlds in the towing industry. You are able to execute complex recoveries while being able to move this light weight unit around the city while performing everyday heavy tow calls. Metro Tow Trucks is proud to offer this extraordinary piece of equipment. Built by Towers for Towers!!! For more information don't hesitate to give us a shout at 1-613-862-1625 or toll free at 1-866-924-1675! Thanks and Happy Holidays Al
  22. A Twin Steer Metro Tow Trucks INT-35 mounted on a Russian KAMAZ Chassis Ready to Take on Any Job that comes it's way in Russia [emoji635]! The INT-35 unit is an everyday heavy wrecker ideal for every job from a tractor trailer to recovery calls. This unit will spend little time in you yard as it will always be grabbing the lucrative calls. It has been designed from the ground up with the operator in mind for towing and recovery calls and to work with loads up to 35 ton (77,000 lbs). Any questions don't hesitate to contact me at 1-613--862-1625! Thanks Al Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
  23. Unit is now mounted stay tuned for more build photos! Any questions don't hesitate to give me a call at 613-862-1625! Thanks Al Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
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