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  1. If you contact Sarah at 613-299-4376 I'm sure she can get you a set the website isn't updated as frequently as it should be.
  2. Currently we have a 12 ton in the works but we'd be willing to design and build anything for a prospective customer as long as time permits. We hope to be manufacturing at our new facility within one year. We have just been dealing with a lot of slowdowns with construction due to the covid restrictions we will post some updates as soon as we get rolling on the new factory. Thanks for the interest!
  3. Sorry we have not been as active online as we usually are, we have been very busy with the preperation of the construction of the All New State of The Art Canadian Metro Tow Trucks Manufacturing Facility! A Special Thank You to our Past and Present Clients that have helped make this vision a reality, your support will not be forgotten. Stay tuned for progress on this new project and Thanks again for the support and words of encouragement it is very much so appreciated!!
  4. Details The Metro Vaul-20 is a permanently mounted underlift system built for towing tractors and medium duty sized loads. The system bolts onto the back of standard truck frames or Holmes style wreckers. Unit comes loaded with: - 77 inches retracted 116 inches at full extension underlift 20,000lb retracted lift rating - 3 Bank Valve Body - Dual Manual Controls (both sides) - 3 function wireless remote - Hydraulic Oil Tank - Fork recievers - 3 sets of frame forks. We have one unit in stock ready to ship for more details please call me at 613-862-1625
  5. Another Metro Tow Trucks INT-35 Euro Body in the pipe line almost time for some color.
  6. Metro Tow Trucks RTR-50-SL Recovering Loaded Tractor Trailer
  7. The Marmonator! Still going strong In Lexington NC.
  8. INT-35 Getting Ready for some color!
  9. What do you say about this Euro Style Metro Tow Trucks INT-35. Let me know what you guys think of this new optional look and what color we should paint it.
  10. We would like to give a huge congratulations to Dave's Towing out of Augusta Kansas on their new Metro Tow Trucks RTR-50-SL. This unit is loaded with 5 winches sliding 3 stage boom configuration Wireless proportional remote and many more upgrades. We had a great time doing some lifting and testing on this unit in which she performed flawlessly and she was nothing short of impressive we look forward to watching her earn her keep! Thank you once again for your business and thank you for letting us build this beautiful unit for your team! Any questions on the Metro Tow Trucks equipmen
  11. Taking a Cruise in this Metro Tow Trucks RTR-50-SL, Kansas is gonna get a lot heavier real soon, a few finishing touches and she'll be ready.
  12. Congratulations Dad. Lost count of how long it's been and how many hoops we have jumped through but it's official the Metro Tow Trucks TSA-50 is fully road legal in North America. Now comes with its own title after all of her testing passing with flying colors through Transport Canada! These 53 foot sliding axle trailers will be manufactured here in Canada starting later on this year, stay tuned for more information. Special thank you to Cal Wehbe for all the engineering help and Tony Miller for helping us refine this unit. Many others to thank but it is all appreciated!
  13. A few photos of her all wrapped up! Sent from my SM-N960W using TowForce mobile app
  14. Some more updates on this RTR-50-SL Build! Enjoy the photos, Thanks Al Sent from my SM-N960W using TowForce mobile app
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