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New equipment nightmares...


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We recently ordered 3 brand new units directly from the manufacturer. A 35t, a 50t, and a 50t rotator. All 3 units are 2020 builds and spec'd by us. 

   The rotator was ready for pickup first. We took delivery and immeadiatly found quality control issues as well as missing items we paid for. 

  With less than 100hrs on the unit, all four outrigger vertical cylinders have needed to be replaced due to leaks and bleed off. Two hydraulic lines on the underlift had to be changed due to improper routing and premature wear. Boom down quit working on the remote for a while and had to go get fixed at the local dealer.

  As of this writing, the rotator is set to go back to the local dealer to replace a rear outrigger cylinder for the second time, and replace/recalibrate the digital control panel that operates the display for the unit that quit working entirely.

   The 2020 35t we took delivery of was alot better fit and finnish wise, but was already at the shop once to replace a bad underlift extension cylinder and friction pads. Now it needs to go back for the same issue again...underlift not staging properly when extending or retracting.

  We will take delivery of the new 50t stick next month and im afraid it will be more of the same.


   My question is weather or not this is a common thing or has anyone else been through this with new units? The mfg has been slowly fixing every issue that has occured but its very frustrating with the downtime of the unit to say the least.


 Its not my intention to drag any name through the mud, and they are righting the issues so i wont list the manufacturer, but i will say its one of the big 3. 


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