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New B/A Products Wheel Straps


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12-27-11: Dlock13 Wrote,

Recently purchased a set of B/A wheel straps. The design is something I had been considering having made, but I just recently discovered it was a production item. Instead of the the through the wheel strap, lasso strap, where you need to remove the strap from the ratchet each time. This strap has a sewn in hook about 1/3 the way down that hooks the open end of the strap once through the wheel. Another nice feature is that the end of the strap with the loop is fold over and sewn together so it will fit through much smaller holes in the rims.


BAPROD said:

It definitely makes for a quick load and unload--- Everyone I've spoke with about it and use these have loved them.
Thanks for the post--


BlackAutoload said:

Another option is always good.
What happens when you go over a bump , the cars suspension compresses, and the body makes contact with the strap ? Way too close for me.
The 8 point set or traditional single d-ring strap at least allow an operator to position the strap out of the way...


Dlock13 said:

BlackAutoload, I think it really appears a lot closer in the photo the it actually is. If I thought it would've been an issue I could have crossed the rear straps or run them to the outer tie down holes.



Lower the strap next slot down would of kept it away from the body at least on this car Nice tool for the quick tool box


jrtowman said:

I would like to see a coudora sleeve sewn into the eye for more use.


Bigtows said:

Just thinking the same thing. For a little added protection against wear.

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The distance is 100-200 km.
Belts wipe the paint on the discs.

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I like the lasso straps better ( the one with an metal ring on the end).  They are cheap as hell, do the job and you can position them closer to the rim if you need more clearance. 

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