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Assisting Fire Rescue

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Topic Created on Tow411 in June of 2007:


This is the 1st call to assist fire rescue with the new rotator. All we did was winch the cab up about 6 inches and hold it. Although it wasnt much they got to see the new truck spin.








xcessiveforce52 said:

truck is looking good , good luck with it..........


wstowing11 said:

It doesn't take much to impress with that wrecker !!!


BigRigJeff said:

It's good to see pix of towers like you and fire departments working together. Great truck pix, keep them coming.

Jeff Shelby
Service Towing Inc.
Warren, Mi.


letsplay2 said:

Sweet... Did you handle the entire recovery?


ASAPautomotive r53_1559570274.gif said:

Very Nice! How are they getting you to the scene when they request you to assist in an actual rescue? Are they providing you an escort?


Joe Driscoll said:

Thanks for all the replys.
Devin we couldnt do the recovery because the rotator hasnt been inspected by the highway patrol. We assisted a fire department for a city we have a contract with.

Donny when they call us to help them we just get there the best we can. They give us no help at all.



Resqtator said:

Good job and beautiful truck!
If you need to get closer for a rescue and their hoses are in the way, just tell them; they can usually move them without much trouble. Next time they might ask for a lift instead of a pull. Especially after the demonstration and cross-training you are going to set up with them!
Thanks for posting. Rich


Towman26 said:

You know that sucked to have to turn it over. But with dad starting the wrecker / rescue back when we were kids & perfecting it throughout the years, he would definatly be happy that truck is sitting there now! Running the Code III's wont be the same from now on, will they!


Warren Driscoll


FMS Mike said:

That's My Kind Of Truck!!



Nick Ovenden said:

Good job Joe
Glad to see you out at work again!!


Jerrys Road Service said:

Sweet truck thx for the pics hope you get the inspect soon start making more $$$


BigWheelRecovery r59_1559570276.gif said:

Sweet truck thx for the pics hope you get the inspect soon start making more $$$



tiggor said:

Beautiful truck Joe, Did you go and get a job with it? Haven't gottin ours inspected yet either. Guess we will have to call "CUPCAKE" wow did i say that!! See ya on the big road653.gif




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